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Airsoft Gun Battery: 9.6V 4200mAH NiMH Rechargeable Battery for Marui M16 Series Star Crane Stock

Your Price: $40.50
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Product ID # 1547
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25 to 49$38.47
50 to 99$37.66
100 to 500$36.45
  • 9.6 V 4200 mAh powerful battery pack made of 8 pcs high quality 4200 mAh  Sc Size NiMH Cells with 5.5" long 16AWG wire mini male Tamiya connector for airsoft gun only.
    • 4.0" long 16AWG wire between each of battery module
    • Round tip (Red wire) = Positive 
    • Rectangular tip (Black wire) = Negative
  • Rapidly charge up and double higher than original NiCd battery pack.
  • Perfect for Airsoft Marui 16 series Star Crane Stock
  • DOES NOT fit Classic Army crane stocks!

Discharging Rate  30 Amp
Dimension (L x W x H)  0.85"(22mm) x 2.8"(72mm) x 5.25"(133mm)
Weight  19 oz (538 g)
  • For faster and safe charging, suggest you use our Universal smart charger , and set charging current at 1.8A, charging time is about 110 minutes
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Product Reviews

(4 Ratings, 4 Reviews) Average Rating:
reliable products, and great customer service
markdutton (Austin, TX 7) 6/29/2012 3:34 PM
BatterySpace has the best prices I've seen anywhere, reliable products, and great customer service. I've cancelled and altered orders many times with ease and have always gotten top quality products from them. I have replaced overpriced and lower quality batteries I purchased from other places with ones from BatterySpace. They are just the way to go, I never have to think twice when shopping there.
Absolutely AMAZING!!!
Sean McCullough (Powell, WY) 2/21/2010 7:29 PM
This battery is freaking AMAZING!!! I got it about 2 days ago and let it charge over night to get a full first charge. Plugged it into my 416, pulled the trigger, and that baby purred. My rate of fire is higher then ever, even higher then it was when i got it. I cant wait to see how it does in my new A&K M4 SPR NOD 1. I haven't been able to take it out in a scenario yet because i live in Wyoming and its way to freaking cold this time of the year to airsoft lol. But i already know that it wont let up even for a minute. This is a great buy, i have seen this same battery in other websites and they very from $55- $80. this is the only website that has an amazing price of $40. Great job Powerizer!!! I am buying all my batteries and chargers from you guys from know on.
Powerizer 9.6v 4200mah crane stock battery
Russ martin AKA- RIDER (moore, OK) 11/9/2009 2:43 PM
this battery charges fast and last for a very long time. It Will Fit a Classic Army m4 qcb crane stock very well.
crane battery. simply amazing
(Unknown) 5/19/2008 8:36 PM
The order process was very easy. In about 30 hours they sent me a shipping # (they use ups). It got to my house in 3 days. I live in socal and batteryspace is located in around central cali i think. Either way that is incredably fast. The packaging was nice to. They use large bubbles to prevent any movement from the contents. On to the important part, the battery. The battery was much larger than I expected but the fit was perfect. The fit inside my crane stock was very good. It was to tight, but tight enough to make no movement. Although its pretty heavy I liked that because it evened out the wieght on my m4. The wires 16 awg. Which is the ideal size for airsoft. Its strong enough and isnt to big to get caught in the little wire holes and stuff. The performance is phenomenal. My fire rate is going at around 14 rps. I have a kwa m4 that pulls a m120 spring. 14 rps on an m120 with a 9.6v battery is amazing. The discharge rate is strong very constant. A lipo (11.1v) will get you around 15-18 rps, thats almost a 1.5v difference! 4200 mah lasted me.....well I dunno how long it lasted cause I never ran out. If your gun is stock I bet this battery could go through 4000 rounds (1 bag) of bbs with one charge. Doing a comparsion to other cells: The chinese battery you get with your clone rifle: Trigger lag is very noticable, even more so when it gets old. Reliable, but very bad rof and discharge rate. Intellect: One stopped charging and my friends blew up....... tenergy: Same problems with the chinese batteries. I had an 8.4 that had alot more rof than a 9.6 tenergy LOL. Powerizer: Owned around 4 types and all have please me. Great performace with great price!
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