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Category : Razor / Shaver Batteries

How to choose the correct razor battery?

There are too many models of Razors on market , we can not tell you which battery is for which model. However, you can find a suitable battery from our website by yourselves following the procedure blow:

  • Get a ruler and voltage meter in hand
  • Determine your battery pack voltage --- Account how many cell in your original battery pack.  Each cell has 1.2V.  For example, if there are two single cells in your pack, its voltage is 2.4V.  You can double check battery voltage by voltage meter if battery is not dead.
  • Determine battery pack's size  ( length x width x Height)
  • Choose a battery pack from Razor battery with smaller size and same voltage
  • Please be advised  as long as battery voltage is correct, and battery pack can put in your razor, you can use it to replace your original battery
    • Whatever NiCd battery or NiMH battery --- NiMH battery is better
    • Whatever mAh rating,  higher mAh always is better
    • Whatever  shape same or not,  as long as it can put in razor
  • Warning:  Battery pack must be connected to razor with correct polarity, e,g positive to positive and negative to negative.  Please double check polarity on the both of Razor and battery before using.

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Braun Razor Shaver
Norelco Razor Shaver
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