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Category : LTO Batteries

The lithium–titanate battery (Li4Ti5O12,referred to as LTO in the battery industry) is a type of rechargeable battery based on advanced nano-technology, which has the following advantages than other lithium batteries.


  • Li-Titanate batteries have a wider operating temperature range (-30-55°C) and a recharge efficiency exceeding 98%, compared to other carbon based batteries.
  • Li-Titanate batteries as long cyecle life: > 3000-7000 cycles
  • Li-Titanate batteries are high security, high stability.
  • Li-Titanate batteries are faster to charge than other lithium-ion batteries. Data shows that these batteries can be safely charged at rates higher than 10C.
  • Li-Titanate batteries are green & eco-friendly.


The disadvantage is that lithium-titanate batteries have a lower inherent voltage (2.4V/cell), which leads to a lower energy density than conventional lithium-ion battery technologies. But the energy density of LTO ‐ based batteries is still higher than lead acid and NiCad batteries.

Applications: Ideal for High Rate and High Cycle Life Applications

Because of the benefits of lithium titanate in terms of high security, high stability, long life and green features, lithium titanate batteries can be widely used in military, aerospace, electric vehicles and charging stations, tourist coaches, yachts, wind and solar energy storage power, traffic signals, solar hybrid street lighting, UPS power supply, home storage, coal, disaster relief emergency, weather radar, electricity, smart grid, communication base stations, hospitals, finance, telecommunications as well as system critical backup power systems.

Prouduct Table list

Model# Capacity/Voltage  Max Discharge rate Max Charging rate Diameter   Height 
0407 1.5mAh / 2.4V 30C 20C 4mm 7mm
7210 6mAh / 2.4V 30C 30C 7.2mm 10mm
1010 15mAh / 2.4V 30C 30C 10mm 10mm
1015 30mAh / 2.4V 30C 30C 10mm 15mm
1020 50mAh / 2.4V 40C 20C 10mm 20mm
1030 80mAh / 2.4V 20C 15C 10mm 30mm
1330 200mAh / 2.4V 20C 15C 13mm 30mm
1450 500mAh / 2.4V 30C 10C 14mm 50mm
1650 600mAh / 2.4V 15C 10C 16mm 50mm
1865 1300mAh / 2.4V 30C 5C 18.7mm 65.3mm


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