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NiCd Battery Pack: 14.4V 2.2Ah for IRobot Vacuum Cleaner - Roomba 4905 internal battery

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  • this battery is compatible with all Roomba FloorVac models#400, 405, 410, 415, 416, 418, 4000, 4100, 4105, 4110, 4130, 4150, 4170, 4188, 4210, 4220, 4225, 4230, 4232, 4260, 4296
  • 14.4V , 2200mAh Nicd battery pack is made of  12 pcs High quality NiCd sub C 2200mAh cells (paper insulator) and packed in 2x6 configuration.
  • Capacity: 2200mAh (31.68Wh)
  • Max. Discharging rate :  5A limited by 70'C thermistor
  • 70 oC thermistor installed in the battery pack. Power will be cut off if battery temperature is above 70oC during charging to prevent from over charge.
  • Can be recharged up to 500 cycles.
  • 6" length wires is pre-installed for easy DIY.
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 136 mm (5.35") x 45 mm  (1.77") x 45 mm (1.77")
  • Weight:  714g ( 25.2 Oz.) 
  • Optional for the triangle screw driver for opening the case (Please select via "Product Option" menu).
  • The battery is designed for  exact replacement of the battery pack for IRobot Vacuum cleaner. e.g Roomba APS 4905 battery. 
    • To replace the inside battery, you need to take off 4 screws on the case, then put new battery with solid connection. 
    • Please make sure polarity of battery pack.  Red wire is always connect to positive.

Note: How to Change inside battery (Demonstrated by 14.4V 3.3Ah (47.52Wh) NiMH pack)

  • The most troubles of Irobot was caused by dead battery because OEM did not use a high quality cell.  You shall try to replace a inside battery pack before throw it away , as the following picture --- It is easy and fast
  • There are some battery case that is glue shut. You have to exercise caution on pry open the case as we are not responsible for any damage to the case.


Original Roomba Battery case


Loose all screws on the top. You need a triangle screw driver to do so. You can make a triangle screw driver by grinding machine, or add the option for the screw driver


Open the cover which may glued.  You may need a flat screw driver to open it carefully

Note: Please pay special attention to where the terminals need to go. The picture above does not indicate the correct locations for the metal connectors. (There is indicator on the bottom.) The Red wire goes to the outside terminal and Black wire goes to the inside terminal


  • Take out the old battery by pulling up the metal contacts of the three wires. Cut the wires about 2 inches from the metal contact.
  • Put new battery into the case and solder the three wires back to metal contacts. Please make sure polarity is corrected . 
  • Double check battery polarity with a muliti-meter before connecting battery
    • Red wire :  battery positive
    • Black wire: battery negative
    • White wire: temp sensor
  • Then reverse above procedure to close battery cover.

Smart Tip:  You may  use our 9.6-18V Universal Smart charger,  to charge a extra battery from outside Robot , and keep Irobot always ready. changing time is about 2.9 hrs by 0.9A charging current

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