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AC to AC Converter: Switching between ACV110 and 240 (TF-60W)

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  • Switching Input mode via "Input Voltage" switch
    • 220/240VAC 50/60Hz Or 110/120VAC 50/60Hz
      • Must switch to a correct input voltage. 
    •  Built in with a Germany AC input plug
      • included 1 pc USA AC convertor plug    
    • Output
      • 110/120VAC 60W Max for "220/240VAC 50/60Hz" Input
      • 220/240VAC 60W Max for "110/120VAC 50/60Hz" Input
    • Automatic thermal protection.
    • External glass fuse for improper voltage setting protection.
    • One travel pouch included.
    • Additional two flat pins adapter plug to support International power
    • Converter's dimension (LxWxH): 90mm(3.5") x 50mm(2.0") x 40mm(1.6")
    • Converter's weight: 11.8Oz (340 grams)

     Included a 220VAC/110VAC Input switch

    on the back side of converter 


    How to connect to AC outlet

       AC output plug for either USA or Germany AC plug


     Built in with a Germany AC input plug 

     How to convert to USA input plug by included AC converter plug   

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    (2 Ratings, 2 Reviews) Average Rating:
    definitely purchase more products from Batteryspace
    alexpro (Bellevue, WA ) 7/3/2012 12:16 PM
    This is a review for the BC1HU charger and various batteries from Batteryspace.com I have become a battery fan since my baby girl was born. Of course when everything around you runs of batteries you obviously need rechargeables. This is my second order from BatterySpace. The first time I ordered the 10000 mAh D size batteries to use with for my baby’s bouncer as alkalines die after about one month. I had tried using some 2900 mAh D batteries from Rayovac, but they turned out to be some AA in a D cell and did not last even as much as alkalines. Powerizer batteries lasted longer but not much more longer than I had expected and I began to wonder why. After doing some research I learned that Powerizer batteries have high capacity and cheaper chargers such as my Rayovac cannot charge them completely as they use smaller charging current and shut themselves off after 16 hours or so, and the battery is still full yet. Of course I could have kept charging them for about 3 days, but I decided to buy the BC1HU Computer-Controlled Universal Battery Charger. It can charge all nickel based batteries and can handle today’s high capacity products. The packet arrived on time and in very good condition. I checked and everything worked as expected. The only inconsistency I can find with the charger is with the charging current. On Batteryspace.com website it says that it is 820 mA for all batteries except AAA, however on the product manual and on the charger itself it says that the current is 700 mA. I believe that there’s a chip inside the charger that tells it how much to pump in the battery and the manufacturer updates only the chip itself to keep up with higher capacity. I guess they should update the manual at least. Anyway, I tested my D size batteries right away. I have two toys that take D batteries and I can tell you that they I am amazed what a difference it made, it has been over a month now of everyday use and they have not run out yet. It’s a charger one must have.
    Dual Voltage Converter (TF-60W)
    (Unknown) 8/8/2008 12:27 PM
    This is review for the item Dual Voltage Converter (TF-60W) for Switching between ACV110 and 240 along with other items which I ordered Here is site which I found by google search. I was searching for voltage converter. If you need chargeable batteries or charger/ voltage convertyer, batteryspace.com is a good place to get them. I found many sites and I was about to buy from other sites, then I suddenly I thought I should check in batteryspace.com, here found it is the cheapest sile for the same modle along with a pouch. The package was shipped out in the next day after I put my order. And I also get an email immediately with UPS tracking #. UPS tracking # in my mail boxI get the order confirmation. And at the same time I get another new 5% discount code for the next order. When you decide to purchase items from batteryspace.com, you should order more than one items, so that shipping cost would be a great help. With cost of one shipping item, you would get many items which in turn would be free shipping. I was very pleased with the speed that batteryspace.com shipped my items. Waiting for the items for well packaged and arrive on time and in expected new condition. I had no question as to batteryspace.com’s reputation, I learned batteryspace.com through the review comments alreay posted in the forum sites. I am also planning to purchase more and more item from batteryspace.com which is real place to buy. i recently bought this battery off of batterspace.com. they offered me a $30 gift card reward for writing a review and posting it on some forums. here we go to you fellow airsofters. the battery can be found at: check out http://www.batteryspace.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=2724 check out http://www.batteryspace.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=237 Posted at: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Products-Review-Voltage-t122214.html and and http://forums.batteryspace.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=58979#58979
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