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Smart Charger (4800W) for SLA/Li-Ion/LiNiMnCo/LifePO4 Rechargeable Battery Pack

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Product ID # 5804
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Lead Time: 2 months

Product Series List

No. Nominal
Constant Voltage (CV) Constant Current (CC) Cut Off Current (Amp) Net Weight
Lead Acid Lithium Ion
/ LiNiMnCo
LiFePO4 Max. Amp Lead Acid Lithium Ion
/ LiNiMnCo
/ LiFePO4
Kg / LB
1 48V 58.8V 54.6V 58.4V 75 15 3.8

15KG 33LB

2 60V 73.5V 67.2V 73.0V 55 11 2.8
3 144V 176.4V 176.4V 175.2V 25 5 1.3
4 288V 352.8V 352.8V 350.4V 12 2.4 0.6

 * The output voltage will be preset. Please choose one option for each charger.

Charging Stage CC (Constant Current) --> CV (Constant Voltage) --> Floating
Input AC power
  • World-Wide  90-132VAC / 200-240VAC , 47-63Hz,
  • No AC plug comes with the equipment
Output Voltage
  • Li-Ion / LiNiMnCo battery pack: 4.2V/cell 
    • Ex: for 310.8V (84S), output voltage is 352.8VDC
  • LiFePO4 battery pack: 3.65V/cell 
    • Ex: for 153.6V (48S), output voltage is 175.2VDC
  • SLA battery pack: 2.45V / cell
    • Ex: for 48V (12S), output voltage is 58.8VDC
  • Output terminal: Open end wire
Max Power output 4800W
Battery pack Capacity
  • (Charging current / 1.0) x 1.0h
    • Ex: Charging current 80A, must use with >= 80Ah battery pack
Stylish Aluminium Enclosure Yes
Input/output terminal with Wire only, without AC Plug, customer needs to install
Dimension(LxWxH) 17.7x14.57x6.9 inch; (450x370x174 mm)
Net Weight 15KG / 33LB
Shipping Weight 30KG / 65LB
High Efficiency 85-95%


  • Switch-Mode Technology
    • Convert from AC input voltage to DC charging voltage 1677 times faster than traditional linear charger
    • Unit will be smaller, lighter and higher efficiency than traditional linear charger
  • Built in cooling fan to ensure charger long service life
  • Built in 2 unit of LED indicator
    • Precharge: LED 1 = Red & LED 2 = White
    • Charging (Constant Current): LED 1 = Red & LED 2 = White
    • Charging (Constant Voltage): LED 1 = Red & LED 2 = White
    • Fully charger: LED 1 = Red & LED 2 = Green
  • Charging time:
    • Li-Ion / LiMnNi Charging time = (1.5 x Ah rate of the pack) /  charge current.
    • LiFePO4 Charging time = (1.41 x Ah rate of the pack) /  charge current.
    • SLA Charging time = (1.2 x Ah rate of the pack) /  charge current.
  • Safety protection
    • Over Current & Over Voltage protection
    • Short Circuit protection
    • Reverse polarity protection
  • Cut-Off Automatically when the battery is fully charge
    • Li-Ion / LiMnNi battery pack: 4.2V/cell
    • LiFePO4  battery pack: 3.65V/cell
    • SLA battery pack:  2.45V / cell 



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