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Precision AC- DC Power Supply: Dual Channel 0-30V , 5A max or 0-60V single channel

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This variable power supply only provide voltage and current draw according to the load. Design for lab usage for testing circuit!
  • 0-30V, 0-5A per Channel adjustable and one fixed 5V/3A output
  • 0-60V 0-5A if connecting two channels in series
  • Overload Protection
  • Constant Voltage, Constant Current, Low ripple noise, Low temperature drift
  • Pre-set current limited point
  • In tracking mode, both outputs are automatically connected in series or parallel without extra cables
  • In series mode, machine can be connected as positive and negative supply
  • Multi tune potentiometers, easy to setup voltage
  • High efficient toroidal transformer
  • 2 RED LED for Constant Current (C.C.) indication and 2 GREEN LED for Constant Voltage (C.V.)indication
  • Digita lMeter to display output Voltages and Current
  • Output standby function
  • Dimension(LxWxH): 375mm (14.8") x 260mm(10.2") x 160mm(6.3")
  • Weight: 21.0 lbs(9.5kg)


Input Power AC 110V/220V, Switch selectable
Output Power DC 0 - 30V, 0 - 5Aper channel or DC 0 - 60V connected two channels in series
Constant Voltage Operation
  • Line regulation: CV=<0.01%+3mV; CC=<0.2%+3mA
  • Load regulation: CV=<0.01%+3mV(rating current =< 3A), CC=<0.2%+3mA (tating current=<3A )
  • Load regulation: CV=<0.02%+5mV(rating current >3A), CC=< 0.2%+5mA (tating current>3A )
  • Recovery time =< 100 uS
  • Ripple & noises: CV =< 3mV rms
  • Temperature coefficient =<300ppm/'C
  • Constant Current Operation
  • Output current range: 0A~ 5A rating current continuously adjustable(pending onthe load)
Constant Current Operation
  • Line regulation: CC =< 0.2%+3mA
  • Load regulation: CC =<0.2%+3mA
  • Ripple & noise: CC =<3mA rms
Tracking Operation
  • Parallel operation:
    • Line regulation=< 0.01%+3mV;
    • Load regulation =<0.01%+3mV(rating current=< 3A);
    • =< 0.02%+5mV(rating current3A)
  • Series operation:
    • Line regulation =< 0.01%+5mV;
    • Load regulation=< 300mV
  • Positive and Negative supply:
    • Slave tracking error=< 0.5%+10mV of the master (No load; if load, please add load regulation=< 300mV)
  • Voltage display: 3 DigitsLED display; Accuracy: ( +/- 0.5% of rdg +2 digits)
  • Current display: 3 DigitsLED display: Accuracy: (+/- 1% of rdg +2 digits)
Fixed 5V/3A Output Specifications
  • Voltage accuracy: 5V +/- 0.25V
  • Output current: 3A
  • Regulation: Line regulation=< 5mV, Load regulation =< 15mV
  • Ripple & Noise =<2mV rms
  • Protection: current limit and short circuit protection. Operation Temperature & Humidity 0C to 40C@ <80%
  • Operatinghour: <8 hours @full load
    Please click here to download user manual


  • This DC Power supply can be used as a charger to test the following:
    • Li-Ion battery pack up to 1 -7 cells in series ( 25.9V max. ) per Channel (strongly recommend to have pcb or pcm install in the pack before charging).
    • LiFePO4 battery pack up to 1 -8 cells in series ( 25.6V max. ) per Channel. (strongly recommend to have pcb or pcm install in the pack before charging).


To charge a Li-Ion pack safely:
  • Must set up constant voltage correctly, e.g Charging Voltage = 4.2V x Number of Li-Ion Cell in series, or 3.65V x Number of LFP Cell in series
  • Must set up constant current equal or less than specified charging current per cell
  • Too highcharging voltage may cause Li-Ion battery explode
California residents: Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - See Prop 65 Warnings

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