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NiMH Rechargeable Cell: D-Size 1.2 V 10Ah , button top (1 Pc)

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5 to 20$12.56
21 to 50$12.30
51 to 100$12.04
101 or more$11.65
 Nominal Voltage    1.2V
 Nominal Capacity                   10Ah,  Minimum 9.5Ah
 Max.Charging current  5A Max.
 Max.Discharging current  30 A max.
 Dimensions (D x H)  32.0mm (1.26") x 61mm (2.4")
 Weight  165g (5.84oz) 
 Cycle Performance  80% of initial capacity at 500 cycles at 0.1C rate
 Detail Data Sheet   


  • Excellent cells to build a battery pack, Please click here to view battery pack made by MH-D10000-50A
  • Ultra high capacity means super long run time!
  • Last up to twice as long as ordinary Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries.
  • Memory free operation means you can charge batteries in anytime without discharge. 
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  • For charging D battery,  please use charger.
  • Excellent for power intensive devices like Radios, Boom Boxes, Remote Control Cars and much more.
  • Perfect for Portable or emergency power source for Medical , communication and power tools.



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Product Reviews

(10 Ratings, 10 Reviews) Average Rating:
Rod (AL, United States) 12/2/2016 2:15 PM
I have had a lot of rechargeable batteries that don't last long. Will try this brand to see if it lasts in a motion detector light, if it does I will buy more.
good products at a great pice
Ron Passmore (Canada) 4/30/2014 3:43 PM
its like a gold mind for good products at a great pice
Was always pleased with the product
Michael Hein (Portland, OR) 4/16/2014 12:14 PM
Was always pleased with the product
excellent customer service and quick response and quick shipping
bfrabel (Maple Grove, MN) 7/3/2012 2:46 PM
As a proud new father of my first child, I have been trying to figure out ways to live as cheaply as possible. Having a kid has always scared me because of how expensive they can be. That is why I have recently been scouring the internet for ideas on how to save money on stuff. One thing that I have found babies tend to go thorough a lot of (besides diapers) is batteries. It really is amazing how hard it is to end up owning something for the little one that doesn’t require batteries. Even the highchair that we received as a gift requires some to play music and operate a toy that snaps into the tray. That is why I have decided to make an investment in rechargeable batteries. I went through www.batteryspace.com because they seemed to offer a wide selection of products, had lots of info regarding the different types of batteries and chargers they sold, and seemed to have good package deals on them. I ordered a package that included a smart charger that was capable of charging all of the common sizes, and several rechargeable batteries. I spent a lot of money thorough this company, but they had the best deals that I could find anywhere, and I was happy to know that I would be saving so much more over the long run vs. disposable batteries. Once my order arrived, I was not immediately happy. I noticed that my order had been screwed up. Some of the batteries that I got with my package were of a lower capacity than what they were supposed to be according to the description I saw on their website. Since I had just spent so much money on these things, I was pretty upset. I sent an email to their customer service department explaining how my order was incorrect. Since this was just a small company on the internet that I had never heard of, I was afraid that they would just brush me off and I would never hear from them again. The next day I received an email back from them. It said that they were sorry about the mix-up and that they had sent the correct items out
high quality rechargeable Powerizer NiMH batteries
Stach (Minnetonka, MN ) 7/3/2012 12:24 PM
With our first child, we registered for numerous items (child swing, baby monitor, cradle rocker, etc..) and I quickly realized that our rechargeable stock of AA and AAA NiMH batteries weren’t going cut it any more as the new items required C and D sized battery cells as well. I started doing some internet searches for large cell NiMH batteries and chargers and found that the Vanson BC1HU was a fast, inexpensive, and intelligent charger that was highly recommended. The Vanson can charge a variety of battery sizes (AA’s, AAA’s, C’s, D’s & 9-volt) whether they are NiCd or NiMH. I then discovered that www.batteryspace.com had an EXCELLENT combo package that includes the Vanson BC1HU charger, 4xD-cells, 4xC-cells, 4xAA’s, 4xAAA’s, and 2x9-volt Powerizer batteries for less than $80! After finding this “steal of a deal” my next step was to make sure that www.batteryspace.com was a reputable retailer and my Google searches showed that they in fact were.After placing my order with them and receiving the batteries I decided to see if using the “discharge feature” of the Vanson on some of my old NiMH batteries could breathe some life into them. Sure enough, several AA and AAA batteries (around 90% of the ones that I tried) were able to be discharged, charged and then used again even though my old Energizer charger (which only charges AA and AAA’s) refused to charge them any more. Having a quality charger like the Vanson, had already paid off as I could start using most of my old, left for dead, NiMH batteries again.My next test was to see how the included Powerizer batteries from www.batteryspace.com would last in my various “toys”. The 2500 mAH AA batteries powered my Canon PowerShot camera for many more shots that my previous 1800mAH NiMH batteries that had served me so well. I also swapped out the old 700 mAH AAA batteries from my universal remote and replaced them with some Powerizer 850mAH AAA batteries and noticed that they lasted around 2 months, instead of the 1 month
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