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NiMH Battery Pack: 12V 5000mAh(P-2000) for 12V portable devices (10xC) with 8 DC plugs for Laptop IBM, Sony, Toshiba etc

Option 1: Battery Pack Only
Option 1: Battery Pack OnlyOption 2: Battery Pack & Smart Fast Charger ComboOption 3: Battery Pack &  Mini Smart Charger & w 8 DC plugs
Your Price: From $56.95 to $71.95
Lead Time: 5 Business Days!

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 Voltage      12V ( working )    14.5V ( peak)
 Capacity      5Ah   or 60 wh
 Charging Rate      Standard 1.8 A     Max. 5 A
 Discharging Rate
  • 4.2A Max@20'C limited by 420 Polyswitch
    • Max Discharge current will be reduced if the operate temperature increase
  • Charging / Discharging Terminals: 12" long of 18 AWG  co-axis cable with two hole universal connector 

Charge/Discharge terminal: (Large female pin = positive, Small female pin = Negative.)

 Dimension       26mm(1.0") W  x101mm(4.0") H x127mm(5.0") L  
 Battery Weight       2 lb (907g)
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  • Designed for any 12V DC portable device
  • How to use
    • Connect male plug in charger into female plug in battery pack ( Make sure polarity mark is matched), then plug charger into 110V AC and charge battery)
    • Charging your battery.
    • After full charged disconnect charger from battery pack.
    • Find the right size plug from universal detachable plug sets which fit with your laptop input plug.
    • Connect the male plug into the female jack of your battery pack (Please make sure power polarity match each other).
    • Plug battery pack into DC input of your laptop computer
    • Run your computer. Please set up automatic data save. Computer cannot recognize if the battery run out. We are not responsible for any data lost.
  • Please don't discharge the battery pack below 10V  ( 1.0 V / cell).  Deep discharging may damage NiMH battery pack. 
  • Charge battery immediately every time it is discharged. Never storage the battery pack below 10V. 
  • Please read more safety warning  at the link
  • NOTICE: Any changes made to our battery and charger will VOID warranty.
  •  Please download specification of  cell from  Nimh C size 5000 mah rechargeable battery

 How to connecto the battery to you laptop  
Notes Things to know about Nimh Batteries

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Product Reviews

(2 Ratings, 2 Reviews) Average Rating:
always pleased with your service
Harald Rauer (Germany) 12/5/2013 2:59 PM
I am a frequent buyer and was always pleased with your service
Anonymous (Unknown) 5/27/2009 2:54 PM
It is quite large and heavy and weighs about 1.5 pounds. It is small when compared to a SLA battery of equal voltage and amperage. The cord coming out of the battery is quite long and should accommodate most applications although it is thin. . One multi voltage smart NiMH /Li-Ion battery charger is included for safely charging. Auto cut off switches the charger to trickle charge power when battery fully charged. Just plug it in and leave it. It is not clear from the instructions what charging level I am supposed to use. The sheet of printed instructions that came with the unit are poor. It would be nice if the key instructions and a code explaining what the colors of the LED mean were printed on the back of the charger. I have seen this on other models and it is very helpful. My other observation and suggestion for charger is the fabrication of the connector and the end of the cord. This connector is used to connect the battery to the charger and to connect the battery to the connectors supplied in the kit the connector is made up of two pins that stick out from the end of a plastic rubber like wire about an eighth of an inch These pins are exposed and are of slightly different thickness. The difference in diameter makes it easier to insert into the female connector that is on the battery. exposed connector. The small nature of the pins and the diameter of the connecter make it a little difficult to use. The exposed pins are thin and split down the middle making it easy to break them off. Also, the cord if thin. The point where the cord enters the charger is well supported by a plastic nub. Heavy rubber would be better as the plastic could break if the charger is dropped. The battery did not come fully charged from Batteryspace.com. It took about 2 hours to charge it. I am using this battery for my homemade for Halogen bike headlight. The burning time is about 4hrs.
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