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NiMH Battery: 6V 10Ah (60Wh, 5S/S, MH-D30)

Option 1: Battery Pack Only
Option 1: Battery Pack OnlyOption 2: Battery Pack & Charger Combo
Your Price: From $97.50 to $112.95
Lead Time: 5 Business Day

Product Options

Combo Option:
Voltage      6 V ( working )    7.1 V ( peak)
Capacity      10Ah   or 60 wh
Charging Rate      Standard 1.8 A     Max. 5 A 
Discharging Rate
  • Max. discharging current  8Amp
  • This will limit battery to fire a Video light up to 35W
Battery's Dimension(LxWxH)         6.1" x  3.5" x 1.2"
Battery's Weight         830 g (1.0 lb 13 Oz)
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  • The battery is designed for replacing any 10 - 12W Halogen bike lighting with less cost;
  • The battery can burn 5 - 6 hours per charge for 10- 12W, 6V  halogen light , two times more than 4000 mAh OEM standard battery pack
  • Please don't discharge the battery pack below 5V  ( 1.0 V / cell).  Deep discharging may damage NiMH battery pack. 
  • Charging battery immediately every time it is discharged. Never storage the battery pack at below 5 V. 
  • Please read more safety warning  at the link
Notes Things to know about Nimh Batteries

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Product Reviews

(1 Rating, 1 Review) Average Rating:
6V 10Ah NiMH Battery Pack and Universal Smart Charger
damhas (Unknown) 10/9/2006 4:37 PM
Before I say anything I just want to note that the customer service and support I received from Powerizer (www.batteryspace.com) was excellent. I emailed them with a couple of times before making a purchase as well as once following my purchase; each time I received a courteous, prompt, and knowledgeable response. This battery pack was purchased for my Niterider halogen light. I don't remember the model, but it has a 15 watt bulb, with a 3 way switch for 6, 10, and 15 watt settings. The battery came with cord that was more then long enough to eliminate the need for an extension cord that I had to use previously. The battery pack is professionally and neatly assembled. Although I would not submerge the battery in water I don't foresee any issues with the battery getting wet. The charger came with several adapters. The rubber feet on the bottom of the charge were a welcome surprise. One note about charge time: They mentioned that it would take 10 hours to charge but took more like 15 hours to charge the battery initially. I was after a battery that would last 2 - 3 hours at full power with out any issues. Using my light I ran a quick test once the battery was fully charged. After 3 hours 10 minutes of use at full power (15 watts) the light was still running, where as the Niterider battery pack would not last much more then 1.25 hours on full power. To charge the battery after this it took about 10 hours. In order to adapt the battery to the light I used the connector off the old battery (from Niterider) and created an adapter to connect the battery pack to the light. This also allowed me to use the old Niterider charger and that seems to work with out any issues as well. However, I have not had a chance to run a test to see how long it will take to charge with the Niterider charger yet; but with an output of 1000 mAh I assume it will take slightly longer. I am look forward to many worry free night rides this year.
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