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Category : Emergi-Lite & Lightalarm Batteries

Batteryspace supplyes all types of Batteries, mainly NiCd battery pack  for Emergi-Lite, Kaufel & Lightalarms Systems.  Please choose battery pack by model number at th ebelow

 Emergi-Lite C1  Emergi-Lite C2  Emergi-Lite C3  Emergi-Lite C8
 Emergi-Lite M1 or M9  Emergi-Lite M2  Emergi-Lite M3  Emergi-Lite M17
 Emergi-Lite M18  Emergi-Lite M19  Emergi-Lite 6M2  Emergi-Lite 6M3
 Emergi-Lite 12C4  Emergi-Lite 12C5  Emergi-Lite 12C7  Emergi-Lite 12M16
 Emergi-lite 001870  Emergi-lite  011110  Emergi-lite 002001  Emergi-lite 002003
 Emergi-lite 002006  Emergi-lite 002015  Emergi-lite 002019  Emergi-lite 002023
Emergi-lite  002024  Emergi-lite 002026  Emergi-lite 002132   Emergi-lite 002141
 Emergi-lite 002208  Emergi-lite 002255  Emergi-lite 002256  Emergi-lite 002257
 Emergi-lite 002262  Emergi-lite 002266  Emergi-lite 002277  Emergi-lite 850.0010
 Emergi-lite 850.0011  Emergi-lite  850.0014  Emergi-lite  850.0027  Emergi-lite  850.0035
 Emergi-lite  850.0054  Emergi-lite  850.0057  Emergi-lite  850.0061  Emergi-lite  850.0062
 Emergi-lite 850.0063  Emergi-lite 850.0066  Emergi-lite 850.0069  Emergi-lite 860.0004
 Emergi-lite 860.0010  Emergi-lite 860.0016  Emergi-lite 860.0018  Emergi-lite 860.0024
 Lightalarms CE1-5AA  Lightalarms CE1-5AC  Lightalarms CE1-5AR
 Lightalarms CE1-5AT  Lightalarms CE1-5BB  Lightalarms CE1-5BF,BK ,BL or BN  Lightalarms CE1-5BQ
 Lightalarms CE1-5BR  Lightalarms CE1-5BS  Lightalarms CE1-5CA  Lightalarms CE1-5CB
 Lightalarms CE1-5CK  Lightalarms CE1-7AT  Lightalarms CE1-7AV  

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UN 38.3 Safety Test

We own a national standard UN38.3 testing lab. We can provide UN38.3 test service to our customer.

If you want to set up your own lab, we also provide UN38.3 & IEC62133 equipments and onsite training. Email us for the quote and lead time.
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