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Battery Analyzer: Computerized Two Channels for All types Rechargeable Batteries upto 21V (60W Max / Channel) with 24V 120W power supply

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The High Voltage UBA5 battery analyzer  includes a 24V 120W universal (100 to 240V input) power supply that can simultaneously charge two batteries up to 21V at 1.8A. This is perfect if you are testing higher voltage battery packs. If you are already a battery expert you'll be pleased to know that the UBA5HV has enough features for even the most demanding battery test applications. With its graphical programming interface you can easily design a battery test to do exactly what you want. You can specify the charge method (constant current or constant voltage with peak, timed, or temperature termination) and the charge and discharge currents. You can even use conditional loops in the test. All voltage, current and temperature readings are stored in a standard results file. Need Temperature sensor kit? Click here to order

UBA5HV Features

  • Works with all battery chemistry, NiCd, NiMH, SLA, lead acid, gel cell, lithium ion, lithium polymer and primary batteries.
  • Fully programmable: you can set all charge and discharge currents, voltage settings, and charge algorithms.
  • Includes award winning software, easy to use and powerful software that allows you to graphically design your battery analysis routines and can simultaneously control over 100 sets UBA4HV from one PC.
  • Can run one test cycle to check capacity or thousands to test battery cycle life.
  • Comes with two channels that can each analyze a battery or can be combined with each other or other UBA5V for unlimited charge and discharge current.
  • Stores all results in industry standard ASCII format that you can import into your favorite spreadsheet.
  • Battery temperature sensor option: use ours, use yours or use your battery's built-in sensor.
  • Perfect for R&D Labs, Professional engineer to choose quality battery from reliable supplier
  • Made in Canada with FCC approval and CE Mark.
  •  Please click to view the user manual
  • One years warranty

Specs at a glance   (full specs in brochure)

  • Battery type: all chemistry, primary and secondary cells
  • Battery voltage: single cell or pack  to 19.2V
  • Test Voltage: Two ranges: 0 to 6.5V & 0 to 24V
  • Battery capacity: 20mAh to 120Ah
  • Charge current: Up to 2A per channel
  • Load current: Up to 60W per channel   ( total 120W)
  • Number of independent channels: 2 
  • If you use the channel combiner  to connect two channel in parallel, you can charge a battery at up to 3.6A.
  • Compatible with PC which has Window XP  and series port  ( Computer not included)
  • Size/weight:   130 (w) x 170 (L) x 65 (H) mm  ( 5.1"x6.7"x2.6")  /   4.0 lbs 5.0 Oz (1956 grams)
Maximum number of cells in series that can be charged (at 2A) Battery Pack Voltage
NiCd/NiMH 1-16 cells 19.2V
Lead acid/Gel cells 1-9 cells 16 V
Li-Ion 1-5 cells 18.5V


Package includes:

  • One UBA5Battery analyzer DC jacket to power supply and series port to computer 
  • AC-DC Power Supply with 100-240AC input and 24VDC (120W) output.
  • One CD Operation software
  • One Connector adaptor( Convert from RS232 male plug to RS232 female plug)
    • Plug RS232 male plug tip to the female RS232 socket of UBA4HV.
    • Plug RS232 female plug tip to male RS232 socket of your computer.
  • 4 pcs cable with plug of Banana - Clip to connect  to battery pack
  • One user manual guide.


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