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BMS with SMBus, I2C, RS485, RS232 Communication for 25.9V (7S) Battery Pack at 15A rate (#3012)

Board with SMBus
Board with SMBusExternal RS485 Board
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Protection Circuit Module Specifications  For 25.9V Li-ion/Li-Po  Battery  Pack 
No. Test  item
(Test at normal temperature 25±2℃ and relative humidity≤90%)
1 Communication Interface  SMBus or I2C  
2 Capacity Current supported battery capacity 20Ah
Max supported capacity(Battery pack) 320Ah
Min supported capacity(Battery pack)  
External capacity Indication LCD,LED,SOC 
Gas gauge algorithm  CEDV
3 Voltage Charging voltage DC: 29.4V CC/CV(4.2V/1cell)
Cell-balance detection voltage(Charge balance) 4.2V±0.03V
Cell-balance release voltage  4.2V±0.025V
Cell-balance detection delay time 0.96~1.4s 
4 Current  Balance current for single cell  84mA±5mA
Current consumption for single cell ≤20μA
Normal operating-mode current (Gas Gauge IC) 650 uA (Average)
SLEEP operating-mode current (Gas Gauge IC) 300 uA (Average)
FULL SLEEP operating-mode current
(Gas Gauge IC)
0.1 uA (Average)
Maximal continuous charging current 5A
Maximal continuous discharging current 15A
5 Over charge Protection Over charge detection voltage  4.25±0.025V
Over charge detection delay time  0.5S-2S
Over charge release voltage 4.05±0.05V
6 Over discharge protection  Over discharge detection voltage  2.5±0.07V
Over discharge detection delay time  10-30mS
Over discharge release voltage  3.0±0.1V
7 Over current protection  Over current detection voltage 0.2±0.015V
Over current detection current 80±5A
Detection delay time 5ms-20ms
Release condition Cut load, auto recover
8 Short protection  Detection condition Exterior short circuit 
Detection delay time 200-800us
Release condition  Cut load, auto recover
9 Resistance  Protection  circuitry  (MOSFET) ≤40mΩ
10 Temperature Operating Temperature Range -40~+85℃
Storage Temperature Range -40~+125℃
11 Dimension  LxWxT 120x42x10
12 Notes B+:Battery+
SMBD:SMBus data line
SMBC:SMBus clock line
13 Choice of RS485 or RS232 RS485 external board has Power comsumption of 10mA;
The mainboard has SMBus port only. Need external board to support RS485 or RS232
Customer can not program the board, we will preset the board according to your battery's specification.

What we need to know from customer?
1. Cell's manufacturer and module number
2. How many in series and parallel
3. What is the capacity of battery pack
4. Maximum continuous discharge current
5. Maximum surge discharge current
6. SMBus or RS485 or RS232

For other PCM/PCB, please check our PCM/PCB/BMS/CMB/UPS category


  • If you want to use this protection circuit board for a battery that is less than the rated drain, you must add additional protection device to protect the battery itself. Such as: proper rated polyswitch. 
  • You must be professional in Lithium battery pack to buy the protection circuit board. Misusing may cause battery damage or explode. We are not responsible for any damage caused by user.

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