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Category : Battery Safety Testing machines for UN38.3

Un38.3 Lithium ion battery safety testing lab Un38.3 Lithium ion battery safety testing lab

Test procedure

Test Criteria
(6th Edition)

Equipment product ID#

For cell / battery pack

before test

Cycle the cell

4301 (5V 3A, 8 Channels)
12358 (50V10A, 8 Channels) or
4333 (30V10A, 8 Channels) or
6706 (5V 40A, 8 Channels)
depends on Battery voltage ranges

For Cells
For Packs

Test T.1


7072 (53L) - Chamber size:
415x345x370 mm; 16.3x13.5x14.5"

(215L) - Chamber size:
560x640x600 mm; 22x25x24"

For Battery pack & Cell

Test T.2

Thermal test

11892 (-60°C to 150°C) - Chamber size:
500 L x 500 W x 600 H mm; 19.6x19.6x23.6"

For Battery pack & Cell
Test T.3 Vibration 7868   (Max. 300Kg exciting force)
10824 (Max. 600Kg exciting force)
For Battery pack & Cell
Test T.4 Shock 8287 (10Kg Load)
10823 (50Kg Load)
For Battery pack & Cell
Test T.5 External
short circuit
6551 (200A) + 4939 Temperature Meter (for <20V batteries)
For Battery pack & Cell
Test T.6 Gravity Impact
-Cylindrical Cell with Dia ≥18.0mm

-Prismatic/pouch cell &
-Cylindrical Cell with Dia <18.0mm

For cell only
Test T.7 Overcharge

9223 (50V50A DC Power Supply)

  • 3906 Dual Explosion-Proof Chamber or
  • 2855 Explosion-proof Box (cheaper solution)
For Battery pack
Test T.8 Forced discharge

9223 (50V50A DC Power Supply)
7064 (0-150V/0-30A 150W Load)
7054 (0-150V/0-30A 300W Load)
6058 (0-150V/0-240A 3600W Load)

  • 3906 (Dual Explosion-Proof Chamber)
For cell only

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UN 38.3 Safety Test

We own a national standard UN38.3 testing lab. We can provide UN38.3 test service to our customer.

If you want to set up your own lab, we also provide UN38.3 & IEC62133 equipments and onsite training. Email us for the quote and lead time.
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