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Slave Module Expansion Board for LFP BMS Starter Kit, 4-cell string (#4684)

BMS-EL-V7 for 40/60/100Ah CellsBMS-SBE200x4
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For Battery:

BMS-EL-V7/BMS-SBE200x4 is a string of four sense boards connected in a daisy chain. Each sense board is to be mounted on top of a Li-ion cell, and it measures voltage and temperature of the cell. Cell balancing function is built in. Voltage and temperature results are fed to the computer unit through daisy chain connection. The cell types supported are LFP-G4S40Ah, LFP-G4S60Ah, LFP-G4S100Ah or LFP-G4S200Ah-B cells. The 4-cell strings can be further chained together extending the number of cells within a pack up to 140 in series.


Warning´╝ÜThere are some requirement for connection, please read datasheet carefully!  It is possible damage boards due to wrong connection.

The Battery Management System(BMS) are sold separately.

Slave Module Board # of cells supported Type of cells Voltage Supported
BMS-EL-V7 Up to 80 cells in series 40 / 60 / 100Ah Any
BMS-SBE200x4 Up to 80 cells in series 200Ah Any

Slave Module BoardPower Consumption
BMS-EL-V7 consumes about 10-12mA when CPU is on, and the current consumption drops to less than 1mA when the CPU is turned off
BMS-SBE200x4 consumes about 10-12mA when CPU is on, and the current consumption drops to less than 1mA when the CPU is turned off

This sense boards need to work with the BMS system.

  - 1x BMS-EP128 (no CAN OR with CAN).
    The difference between the two CPU systems is without or with CAN communication
    option. Both systems include a system computer, a shunt sensor for pack current
    measurement and a cable connecting the CPU to daisy chain of 4-cell strings.
  - A number of BMS-EL-V7 or BMS-SBE200x4 sense board strings.
    Each sense board string contains four sense boards connected as a 4-cell string.

  • BMS-EL-V7 strings are for 40Ah, 60Ah and 100Ah cells and support up to a 140-cell (500V) pack
  • BMS-SBE200x4 strings are for 200Ah cells

Battery Management System (BMS) Overview

The Battery Management System is designed for Li-ion battery pack using LFP-G4S40Ah, LFP-G4S60Ah, LFP-G4S100Ah or LFP-G4S200Ah-B cells. The system components include a CPU,  boards (connected as a daisy chain), a cable connecting the boards to the CPU, a shunt sensor and an LCD screen. The features of the Battery Management System are:

  - Designed for battery packs using LFP-G4S40Ah, LFP-G4S60Ah, LFP-G4S100Ah or LFP-G4S200Ah-B cells
  - A distributed system measuring voltage and temperature of each Li-ion cell
  - Daisy chain connection supporting up to 80cells
  - Cell balancing
  - Integrated Ground Fault Detection and alarm output
  - Pack voltage measurement
  - Pack SOC calculation
  - Low voltage and high voltage alarm cutoff outputs
  - Optional CAN communication output
  - Composite video output
  - Made in the U.S.A.

BMS Product Specifications:

  - Items Displayed: Pack voltage, current and capacity on main screen, individual
    cell number, cell voltage and cell temperature on detail screen(s).
  - CPU Power: 8-20V, 120mA
  - Battery Voltage: up to 500V
  - Number of Cells Supported: up to 80
  - Shunt Input: 500A = 50mV
  - Voltage Resolution: 0.1V
  - Current Resolution: 1A
  - Temperature Range: -99F to +199F or -146 to +92C
  - Video Output: Composite Video, Color, NTSC
  - Measurement Accuracy: <1% of Full Scale
  - Measurement Speed: 3 times per second main screen; 1 time per second detail
  - Cell Voltage: 2.00 to 4.50V
  - Balancing Threshold Voltage:3.55V
  - Balancing Current: 0.5A
  - Digital Output Current: 4A Surge for 100mS; 2A Continuous
  - Output Delay (default): 30 seconds
  - Ground Fault Detection: 2mA (5000 Ohm/Volt)
  - CPU Size: 5.70 x 2.60 x 1.80 in
  - Shunt Size: 3.25 x 1.75 x 1.75 in

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