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Portable Li-Ion Battery Bank ( 14.8V 20Ah, output 15-24V, 2Rx2C end to end, 296 Wh 8A rate 180Wh) for Laptop and Mobile Electronics

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Features:  Great for running your Laptops anytime and anywhere!


  • 1 x  DC-AC inverter with car plug is included  so the battery bank can be recharge from car  
  • DC-DC regulator (70W) is included to control output DC voltage at 15V, 16V, 18V , 19V, 20V and 24V separately. 
  • 8 Detachable DC plugs are included to fit most laptop computer.  ( One Dell connector is optional) 
  • All components are packed in one Quality Nylon bag  ( 5.5" x 4.5" x 7.5" )  easy to carry and store.
  • Perfect for mobile office, biking, hunting, camping and hiking.
  • Can run a laptop computer for more than 8 hours per charge
  • Can run 20W Halogen light up to 9 hours per charge

About the Polymer Li-Ion battery pack:

About DC-DC Regulator with Switch  ( please click here for detailed specs)

  • One 70W DC-DC regulator is included to convert the battery pack  ( 14.8V ) voltage to 15V, 16V, 18V., 19V, 20V, 22V and 24V separately via a switch as shown in the picture at right
  • The voltage range from 15V- 24V DC will cover most types of Laptop computers available
  • You can plug the DC-DC regulator into the car lighter and run the laptop computer directly without the battery 
  • 5  detachable plugs are included and Dell plug is optional, which can connect via cable from the battery pack or regulator, to the laptop computers or other electronic device such as PDA, CD Player and MP3.
  • Please check the plug's diameter of your laptop computer before you

connect battery pack to regulator  which will convert output voltage from 15V - 24V


The connector must be plugged into the cord correctly in order to ensure the correct polarity. Most devices are designed to take the positive (+) in the middle and the negative (-) on the exterior of the plug. If unsure you can consult the user manual or look for a diagram on the original AC adapter. 


If the Positive is in the center prong, please align the "+" on the connector to the "TIP" inscription on the cord. This will bring the positive pole to the center. If the negative is needed in the center, please reverse the plug with the "-" inscription aligned to the "TIP".


 About 3.0A Universal Smart Charger  and AC-DC Inverter  ( click underlined work for detail specs )
  • Intelligent charger designed for all types of  14.8V (4 cells) Li-Ion Battery packs
  • Worldwide input AC power from 110V-240V.
  • 3000 mA  (3.0A )  constant charging current for faster charging 
  • Charging time for 12.6Ah  battery pack is about 10.0Hrs. 
  • Built in IC to cut off power automatically when battery is fully charged.
  • Red LED will show Battery is charging and Green LED shows full.  (LED also is Green when battery is disconnected).
  • Dimensions:   2.5" L x 1.25" W x 1" H.
  • One AC-DC inverter ( 110W) included to allow you to use the smart charger in the car when you drive
  • Smart Tip:  You may connect AC-DC inverter to the battery bank , and produce 110V AC voltage to run some small equipment.  ( a connector adaptor  from battery to the inverter will be needed to do so --- it is not included)


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