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LiFeMnPO4 Prismatic Battery, Charger and BMS Package: 72V, Choose from: 40Ah, 60Ah, 100Ah or 200Ah (w/ CAN) - UN38.3 (12.8V x 6 DGR)

With Can BusWithout Can Bus
Your Price: From $3,030.65 to $10,861.60
Lead Time: 3 Weeks / Hazmat handling fee required*

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500A Relay*
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*Important Shipping Regulation Due to DOT shipping regulation, this battery pack is not pre-assembled and will be shipped in several boxes.
Packing Combo                           
Voltage 72~76.8 V (working)   91.2V (peak)  60.0V ( cut-off)
Capacity 40Ah (3072Wh) / 60Ah (4608Wh) / 100Ah (7680Wh) / 200Ah (15.4kWh)
Cycle life >1000 cycles (80% of initial capacity @ 0.2C rate, IEC Standard)
  • 72V LFP BMS (LCD Display with CAN communication)
    • For 40Ah/ 60Ah/ 100Ah, 6 pcs BMS-EL-V7 is installed to maintain balance voltage of each cell.
      • Green LED On: "Finish Balancing / Ready to discharge"
      • Red LED On:  "Operate Balancing"
    • For 200Ah pack, use 6pcs BMS-SB200x4
  • Positive & Negative terminals are included
  • Charge / Discharge terminal :
    • Red = Positive,
    • Black = Negative   
Discharge Rate
  • 40Ah pack: <120A continuous, 400A pulsed
  • 60Ah pack: <180A continuous, 600A pulsed
  • 100Ah pack: <300A continuous, 1000A pulsed
  • 200Ah pack: <400A continuous, 2000A pulsed
Charging rate
  • 40Ah pack: <40A continuous,  <120A Max
  • 60Ah pack: <60A continuous,  <180A Max
  • 100Ah pack: <100A continuous, <300A Max
  • 200Ah pack: <200A continuous,  <400A Max
Note International Customers: Due to the high shipping cost , we are sorry we do not issue warranty, return or refund for this item. You are buying at your own risk.

Dimensions and Weights

Battery Dimension(LxWxH) per each 12.8V module
  • There are 6 modules in this package, the final dimension depends on how you organize those modules.
    • 40Ah pack:125X208X180 mm or 4.9X8.2X7.1 in
    • 60Ah pack: 125X280X180 mm or 4.9X11.0X7.1 in
    • 100Ah pack:280x140x243 mm or 11x5.5x9.6 in
    • 200Ah pack:290x290x250 mm or 11.5x11.5x10 in
Battery's Net Weight
  • 40Ah pack:Battery Weight: 44.0kg (88.2 lbs)
  • 60Ah pack:Battery Weight: 63.9kg (122 lbs)
  • 100Ah pack: Battery Weight: 78 kg (172 lbs)
  • 200Ah pack: Battery Weight: 171 kg (378 lbs)
Total Shipping Weight: include batteries, charger and BMS This combo is not pre-assembled and will be shipped in several boxes.
  • 40Ah pack: 119 LB
  • 60Ah pack: 152 LB
  • 100Ah pack: 196 LB
  • 200Ah pack: 423 LB


  • To keep battery for longer cycle-life with the best balancing function, we recommend customer to charge battery while discharging.
  • 72V LiFePO4 Prismatic battery pack shall be cut-off at 91.2V during charging and 60.0V during discharging. If over discharge to 60V (2.5V/cell), please recharge the pack right away. Otherwise the battery is over discharge and cannot recover!
  • International Customers: Due to the high shipping cost , we are sorry we do not issue warranty, return or refund for this item. You are buying at your own risk.
  • California residents: Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - See Prop 65 Warnings

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  • Please choose to add a relay (Over discharge protection) to this package or purchase a relay yourself.
  • Please choose a 12V battery to power BMS and relay.

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Product Reviews

(1 Rating, 1 Review) Average Rating:
Breathed New Life into My 2007 Zap Xebra Xero Pickup Truck!
Fred Garvey (Alameda, CA) 6/22/2016 10:32 PM
About a month ago I received and installed my AA Portable Power Corp 76.8V 100Ah LiFePO4 Power Pack in my 2007 Zap Xebra Xero Pickup Truck, replacing the OEM 72V 100Ah lead-acid battery pack and 72-volt DC on-board lead-acid charger. The OEM 80V 300A Curtis Electronic Controller required no reprogramming for the LiFePO4 battery pack, and the OEM Zibo Super Motor Co. 72 volt (at 84 amps / 6.048 kW) DC series wound motor proved up to the task. I now routinely get 44.5 miles range in stop-and-go traffic, with a cruising speed of 40 mph. As with the original lead-acid batteries, LiFePO4 maximum range and efficiency is achieved by always driving within that "sweet spot": Backing off the accelerator until the 6.7 hp DC brushed motor loses power, then ever so slightly pressing the accelerator until the motor just powers up again. That's the secret. But running my Zap Truck like a sports car, I often settle for 39.5 miles range in hill climbs, impressive rapid acceleration out of stoplights, and cruising speeds of 45mph, which is actually a better fit for my temperament. But always remember that the Zap Truck is only powered by a 6.7 hp DC brushed motor, so only short bursts of such arrogant power are appropriate, as that extra-ordinary battery energy has to dissipate somewhere and, especially rapid hill climbs, could burn out that hard working 6.7 hp motor. This is phenomenal performance, especially when compared to the OEM 72V 100Ah lead-acid battery pack, with a recommended range of only about 10 miles per charge. The 7" color monitor functions as a "fuel gage" as well as providing status of each 3.2V LiFePO4 cell, as well as charging status of the battery pack. Attention vintage GEM NEV owners: Your power system is essentially the same as my Zap Truck. I will soon post the installation details: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Xebra_EV https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/NEVs Stay posted.
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