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Custom Polymer Li-Ion battery: 3.7V 3200mAh (11.8 Wh, 655585-2C) with Thermistor - UN38.3 Passed

CU-J479-V3CU-J479-V5: Molex 51021-0300CU-J479-V6CU-J479-V7CU-J479-V8
Your Price: From $31.35 to $40.00
Available to order with lead time 5-10 Business Days to build

Product Options

Voltage      Voltage: 3.7V (working)   4.2V ( peak)  2.75V(cut-off)
Capacity      3200 mAh, 11.8 Wh
  • 1x PCB (5A) installed with the  battery pack to protect the battery from
    • Over-charge / Over-discharge  / Over drain / Short circuits
  • 1x 10K thermistor  (UL listed parts, 103AT-4-70374)
Terminal Options
  • CU-J479-V3 (not available) - Molex Connector: Housing P/N:87439-0300, Terminal P/N: 0874210000 with 2.1" (52.2mm) 26AWG wire (P/N: MIL-W-16878/1 B26-7)
    • wiring must come out on side of pack
    • Pin 1 = Red; Pin 2 = Black/return of Thermistor;  Pin 3 = White (thermistor)
    • Note: no solder should be use on the crimp terminals
  • CU-J479-V5: Molex 51021-0300, 6" 28AWG wire
    • Pin 1 = Black/return of Thermistor; Pin 2 = White (thermistor); Pin 3 = Red
    • Molex connector 51021-0300
  • CU-J479-V6: Molex 51065-0300, 3" 24AWG wire (No UN38.3 yet)
    • Pin 1 = White (10K thermistor); Pin 2 = Black (-); Pin 3 = Red (+)
  • CU-J479-V7: 3" 24AWG with JST XAP-03V-1, Pin SXA-01T-P0.6
    • Pin 1= Red (+ Battery); Pin 2 = Black/return of Thermistor (- Battery); Pin 3 = White (thermistor)
  • CU-J479-V8: Molex 51065-0300, Pin:503728000, 3" 24AWG wire
    • Pin 1 = Red (+); Pin 2 = Black (-); Pin 3 = White (10K thermistor)
  • CU-J479-V9: Molex 51065-0300, Pin:503728000, (No UN38.3 yet)
    • 24Awg UL1007, 100mm; Twist the leads at approximately 3 twists per inch
    • Pin 1 = Black (-);   Pin 2 = Red (+); Pin 3 = White (10K thermistor)
    • Add a free-floating ferrite core toroid for EMI suppression (Laird 28B0500-100)
    • See Drawing:
Max. Charge & Discharge Current     limited by wire gauge
  • CU-J479-V3: 26AWG: Max. Charge & Discharge: 2.2Amp
  • CU-J479-V5: 28AWG: Max. Charge & Discharge: 1.4Amp
  • CU-J479-V6: 24AWG: Max. Charge: 3.2Amp, Max. Discharge: 3.2Amp
  • CU-J479-V7: 24AWG: Max. Charge: 3.2Amp, Max. Discharge: 3.2Amp
  • CU-J479-V8: 24AWG: Max. Charge: 3.2Amp, Max. Discharge: 3.2Amp
  • CU-J479-V9: 24AWG: Max. Charge: 3.2Amp, Max. Discharge: 3.2Amp
Dimensions (LxWxH)     90mm(3.5") x 56mm(2.2") x 7.0mm(0.3")
Weight     3oz (70g)
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  • Li-Ion battery may explode if misused.  We are not responsible for any damages or losses caused by misuse (including but not limited to: mis-charging, mis-discharging, any changes of this battery pack, mis-assembling battery pack).
  • Always charge battery with attention. Battery pack should be placed in a fireproof place to avoid any accidents.
  • Please don't use the battery modules to make series connection or parallel connection with more than 2 packs, otherwise battery service life maybe reduced 
  • For safety warning please see the link here 
  • California residents: Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - See Prop 65 Warnings

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