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Z. Custom Li-Ion 18650 Battery Pack: 7.4V 4.4Ah (32.56Wh, 4A rate, 4S/S, ICR18650S3)

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Lead Time: 5 Business Days!

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Pack configuration:

*Important Shipping Regulation        This pack is for testing (prototype) only. It has not been UN38.3 tested yet.  Read more...
  • Made of  4 pcs High quality LG ICR18650S3 2200mAh cylindrical 18650 cells with PCB 
  • Packing Option:
    • Option 1: CU-J552,  side by side with 2 series and 2 parallel (2S2P) with Molex connector
    • Option 2: CU-J552-V1, Square configuration with Molex connector
    • Option 3: CU-J552-V2, Square configuration with FCI connector
    • Option 4: CU-J552-V3, side by side configuration with FCI connector
Voltage 7.4 V (working)   8.4 V ( peak)  5.5 V ( cut-off)
Capacity 4400 mAh or 32.56 wh
  • One PCB installed with the  battery pack and protects the battery from
    • Overcharge       (>8.4V)
    • Over-discharge  ( <5.5V)
    • Over drain ( > 7 Amp)
    • Short circuits
  • 1 x 4 Amp polyswitch installed to limit  max. discharging current and to protect wrong polarity
  • 1 x  Vishay NTCLG100E2103JB thermistor
Pre-wired 6.0" 22 AWG wire with Molex connector
  • Pin 1 = Red = Positive
  • Pin 2 = Black = Negative/return of 10k thermistor
  • Pin 3 = White = thermistor (Vishay NTCLG100E2103JB) with FCI connector* (with thinner outside jacket)
*Note: Due to FCI connector has no pin assignment, we will ship housing separately (without crimps inserted). Customer will insert crimps into housing themselves!
Charging rate 1 A ( recommended ),  3 A max.
Max. Discharging Rate 4 Amp limited by polyswitch 
Dimensions (LxWxH)
  • Option 1: CU-J552: 2.86" (73mm) x 2.86" (73mm) x 0.735" (19mm)
  • Option 2: CU-J552-V1: 2.86" (73mm) x 1.48" (38mm) x 1.48" (38mm)
  • Option 3: CU-J552-V2: 2.86" (73mm) x 1.48" (38mm) x 1.48" (38mm) with FCI connector
  • Option 4: CU-J552-V3 2.86" (73mm) x 2.86" (73mm) x 0.735" (19mm)
Weight 7.0 oz (198g)
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  • Fire Retardant Bag: 295mmx230mmx75mm --- Reduce the chance of damage if caught fire
    • This Fire Retardant Bag (Li-Ion Safer Bag) is intended to reduce the chance of damage in the event of catching fire.
    • Must locate & seal the battery pack in the bag  while charging / leaving without any attention
  • Li-Ion Battery may explode if charging or discharging improperly. User must have knowledge on how to charge and discharge Li-Ion battery before making Li-Ion Battery Pack.
  • Please check for collect polarity as we are not liable for damage due to wrong polarity

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