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CMB for 12.8V LiFePO4 Battery Pack (16A limited) with DC charging, Fuel Gauge and full protection (#5352)

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  • CMB (Charging Manage Board) for 12.8V LiFePO4 (16.0A limited) Battery Pack
  • This board is equivalent to the PCB that we offered. But can be use to support charge and discharge at the same time and instead of using an LFP battery Charger, it use a 16-18Vdc  Power source (dc adapter)to recharge the battery pack
  • This CMB is use for 12.6V LiFePO4 battery pack
  • When charge & discharge at the same time, if the load discharge exceeds the charging current while charging, the battery will continue to discharge until 8.0v +/ 0.25V and cutoff. In this case, you must unplug the adapter to "reset" the CMB to start charging again!
Dimension(LxWxH) 108mm(4.3") x 49mm(1.9") x 20mm(0.8")
Weight 40 grams (1.4 Oz )


Input DC 16.0V - 18.0V  (< 60W) from charging terminal (Input Terminal)
Output DC 9.0V - 14.0V from discharging terminal (Output Terminal)
Idle power consumption Average: approx 325uA
Terminal Input/Output terminal : 5.5mm x 2.5mm female barrel socket
Max.Charge Rate 3.0A
Max.Discharge Rate 16.0A
LED Indicator

4 LED built in the board  to show battery charging/discharging status
Type: Voltage based

  • LED 1 for indicate battery charging status
    • LED 1 status
      • Red LED 1 = Charging
      • Green LED 1 = Charging completed
        • Note: LED 1 will still remain dim when unplug from power supply
  • LED 2 - LED4 indicate battery discharging status
    • LED 2-LED4 status 
      • LED 2 = Green = 30%
      • LED 2 & LED 3 = Green = 60%
      • LED 2 & LED 3 % LED 4 = Green = 100%
  • Momentary Fuel gauge switch to activate the LEDs on board for checking the status of charge/discharge
    • To save battery power, LED will remain "Off" except when activated by pressing switch with auto 20 seconds time out
Electric Performance
  • Charging mode  
    •  CC (Constant Current) / CV (Constant Voltage) with cut-off input power when battery pack voltage reaches 14.6V
      • CC/CV, CC = 3.0A, CV = 3.65V Max per cell
    • Max charging current is 3.0A
    • Recommend charging temperature: 15C (59F) ~ 35C (95F)
  • Discharging protection
    • Over-charge protection voltage for single cell: 3.90V/cell 
    • Over-discharge protection voltage for single cell: 2.30V/cell 
    • Over-current  detection  protection: 16.0A
    • Short circuit protection
    • "O Voltage" output if any fault condition occurs
    • All fault are reset with charger input
    •  Please click here to download the specification with wiring diagram


  • Batteryspace is not responsible for any damage caused by misunderstanding and misuse!
  • Please read the instruction carefully before assembling to battery pack.  
  • Note: Since the CMB will perform CC (Constant Current) / CV (Constant Voltage) charging, you don't need use our 12.8V LifePO4 Smart charger charge battery pack. Please use 16.0V - 18.0VDC  ( > 60W), 3.0A Max  DC power supply charge battery pack 
  • Do NOT mount this CMB on a metal plate as that will cause a short and damage the CMB.  The charging circuit and the discharge circuit are two separate circuits that must be "Isolated"
  • California residents: Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - See Prop 65 Warnings

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