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Balance Module for (3.2V) LiFePO4 Battery Pack with selectable balancing current (#5396)

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Product ID # 5396
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BM-LFP3.2V is a smart balance module for individual LFP cell with capacity ≥ 10.0Ah to improve battery's cycle life!  

Working principal:  

Each 3.2V LFP cell has a small difference in internal resistivity ( so called impedance ) due to fabrication tolerance. Especially for cell's capacity ≥10.0Ah and in application require very high discharge current ( >5C ) which will cause unbalanced voltage in each cell during charging. When building a multi-cells battery pack (in series or in parallel), unbalanced voltage will reduce battery pack‘s energy power and life cycle significantly.

The balance module will keep each LFP cell’s voltage at 3.60V peak during charging by draining excessive voltage with selectable discharge current (0.65A/ 0.9A/ 1.1A /1.44A. Manufacturer preset at 1.44A ). It will wait for other cells within the pack to reach same voltage level to ensure all cells within the pack are balanced.

Adding the balance module to each LFP cell before making a battery pack will maintain battery power, increase cycle life and save money. Using this balance module means you don't need a pcm (protection board with balance function) but can use a pcb (no balance function) instead.    


Test   item Criterion (Ta = 25°C unless otherwise specified)
Voltage Cell-balance
Cell-balance release voltage LiFePO4:3.50V±0.05V
Cell-balance detection delay time 0.96-1.4s
Current Balance current 1 / Balance current 2 0.65A / 0.9A
Balance current 3 / Balance current 4 1.1A / 1.4A
Current consumption
during operation
Temperature Operating ambient temperature   -40~+125℃
Storage temperature −55 to +125℃
How to select balancing current   Balancing current 1-4 can be changed by shorting circuit the following spot: 
  • Balancing current 1 = “0.65A”
    • Short Circuit at “S1” / “S3” ( Short Circuit at either "S1" or "S3" spot)
  • Balancing current 2 = “0.9A ”
    • Short Circuit at “S1” + “S3” (Short Circuit at "S1" and "S3" Spot)
  • Balancing current 3 = “1.1A”
    • Short Circuit at {“S1” + “S3”} + {“S2” / “S4}  (Short Circuit at "S1" and "S3" Spot and choose short circuit either  "S2" or "S4" spot)
  • Balancing current 4 = “1.4A”
    • Short Circuit at “S1” + “S3” + “S2” + “S4” (Short Circuit at "S1" and "S3" and "S2" and "S4")
  • Tolerance for balancing current 1- 4 will be approximately +/- 50mA
  • Balancing current will be selected by your end. Batteryspace.com won't be responsible for any damage by miss-use
  • The LifePO4 Smart charger must have cut-off voltage = 3.65 +/- 0.05V, otherwise, this balancing board won't perform balancing charge function. 
  • This balancing board won't perform over-discharge protection function. You must not discharge the battery pack below 2.5V/cell.
    • If over discharge below 2.5V/cell, please recharge the pack right away. Otherwise over-discharged battery pack can not  recover! 

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