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Category : All Types of Smart Chargers for Battery Packs

BatterySpace.com invent high quality "High Wattage All Smart Charger (1.2KW, 2.0KW, 5.0KW, 10KW)", which can charge high voltage SLA, Li-Ion/LiMnNi, LiFePO4 battery pack by high charging current function (Constant Current / Constant Voltage charge applied). We are so called "Automatic Switch Mode Battery Charger"

For the charger we don’t have on table list yet, we can help you built a customized high wattage smart charger. Our engineer will adjust charging voltage / charging current based on the wattage supply (600W, 900W,1.5KW, 3.0KW, 6.0KW, 8.0KW, 12KW). Please email us (sales@batteryspace.com). We can provide quotations. Be advised that customized charger takes 2 months and the price will be higher than other.
 Battery Type
Battery Voltage
 Charging Voltage
Charging Current
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 50A , 100A




 35.0A, 60.0A 




20.0A, 40.0A




 18.0A, 30.0A, 80.0A, 150.0A




 15.0A, 25.0A, 60.0A, 120.0A




13.6A, 20.0A, 52.0A, 95.0A 




10.0A, 20.0A , 42.0A, 95.0A 




 6.0A, 10.0A, 27.0A, 55.0A




 3.0A, 5.0A, 14.0A, 27.0A


 14.8V (4S)


   50.0A , 100.0A


 25.9V (7S)


   35.0A , 50.0A


 37.0V (10S)


  20.0A, 40.0A




18.0A, 30.0A, 80.0A, 150.0A




18.0A, 30.0A, 80.0A, 150.0A




15.0A, 25.0A, 60.0A, 120.0A 


 74.0V (20S)


13.6A, 20.0A, 52.0A, 95.0A 


 77.7V (21S)


13.5A, 20.0A, 48.0A, 92.0A 


 81.4V (22S)


12.9A, 20.0A, 48.0A, 88.0A 


 85.1V (23S)


12.0A, 20.0A, 44.0A, 82.0A 


 88.8V (24S)


11.9A, 20.0A, 42.0A, 78.0A 


 92.5V (25S)


10.0A, 20.0A, 38.0A, 72.0A 


 96.2V (26S)


9.0A, 20.0A, 35.0A, 70.0A 




  6.0A, 10.0A, 27.0A, 55.0A




   3.0A, 5.0A, 14.0A, 27.0A


 12.8V (4S)


      50.0A , 100.0A


 25.6V (8S)


  35.0A, 60.0A


 38.4V (12S)


   20.0A, 40.0A


 51.2V (16S)


   18.0A30.0A, 80.0A, 150.0A


 64.0V (20S)


  15.0A, 25.0A, 60.0A, 120.0A


 76.8V (24S)


  13.6A, 20.0A, 52.0A95.0A


 80.0V (25S)


  13.0A, 20.0A, 50A92.0A


 83.2V (26S)


  12.5A, 20.0A, 48A90.0A


 86.4V (27S)


  12.0A, 20.0A, 47A 88.0A


 89.6V (28S)


  11.5A, 20.0A, 46A87.0A


 92.8V (29S)


  11.0A, 20.0A, 43.0A86.0A


 96.0V (30S)


  10.0A, 20.0A, 40.0A85.0A




6.0A, 10.0A, 27.0A55.0A 




   3.0A, 5.0A, 14.0A, 27.0A

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