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Category : 1- 2 C Rate Polymer Li-Ion Cells

  Picture   Part #  Capacity   LxWxH(mm) with tolerance ± 1 mm  Weight Max Discharge
PL-1055275-2C 21Ah 275x55x10.5 406g 42A
PL-8570170-2C 12.6Ah 178x72x9.2 240g 25A
PL-1290142-1.5C 12Ah 142x90x11.5 350g 18A
PL-9059156-1C 10Ah 156x59x9.0 181g 10A
PL-809797-1C 9Ah 97x99x8.2 164g 9A
PL-7548168-1C 6.4Ah 168x48x7.5 122g 6.4A
PL-7250115-2C 5.0Ah 117x50x7.2 90g 5.0A
PL-896474-2C 5.0Ah 74x64x8.9 85g 5.0A
PL-6767100-2C 5.0Ah 101.5x67.5x6.8 100g 10A
PL-5467100-2C 4.25Ah 100.5x67x5.7 85g 8.5A
PL-5545135-2C 3.65Ah 135x45x5.5 70g 7.3A
PL-655585-2C 3.2Ah 85x55x6.5 85g 6.4A
PL-674792-2C 3.1Ah 96x48x6.8 65g 7.8A
PL-525084-2C 2.8Ah 86x50.5x6.0 47g 5.6A
PL-544792-2C 2.5Ah 92.5x47x5.4 51g 5.0A
PL- 605060-2C 2.0Ah 69x50x6.0 37g 4.0A
PL-425085-2C 1.8Ah 85x50.5x4.2 40g 3.6A
PL-325085-2C 1.5Ah 85x50x3.2 34.2g 3.0A
PL-703562-2C 1.5Ah 65x35.5x7.0 28g 3.0A
PL-383562-2C 800mAh 63.5x35.5x3.9 18g 1.6A
PL-503048-2C 700mAh 49.5x30.5x5.1 16g 1.4A
PL-403144-2C 500mAh 40x31x4.4 10.0g 1.0A
PL-402248-2C 400mAh 49x22.5x4.1 9.5g 0.8A
PL-651628-2C 210mAh 28x16x6.5 3g 0.42A
PL-052025-2C 170mAh 25x20x5.0 3g 0.34A
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