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Smart Charger (1.8A) with 3 pins Plug for 36V NiMH / NiCd Pack -*

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  • Designed for safe charging 36V NiMH battery pack with capacity > 1800mAh
  • Built in Ic's to smart control charging status and keep battery charged fully and safely, which features with advanced function as the follows:
    • 1.8A pulse current and make charging efficient
    • Detect Minus delta V ( > 6 mV/cell) to cut-off power when battery is full.
    • Detect temperature rising rate. ( dT/dt)  If battery pack temperature rises too fast, (>0.5oC/60S)the charger will reduce charging current.
    • Detect battery pack's max. temperature ( T max.).  If pack's temperature >70oC, the charger will cut-off power.
    • Over charge protection; Polarity reverse protection.
  • This is very smart charger: just plug in and forget it.
  • One 3 pins female cannon connector is installed with the smart charger.
    • Pin 1 = Vbatt
    • Pin 2 = Ground
    • Pin 3 = Thermistor
  • Included 1 pcs connector adaptor, from 3 pin male cannon connector to Alligator clip with 10K thermistor ( 70oC) for connect to battery pack 
    • Red Alligator clip = Positive
    • Black Alligator clip = Negative
    • Black wire = 10k thermistor (Temperature sensor)
    • You must attach the thermistor ( temperature sensor ) to battery pack before charging
    • Red clip shall connected to positive end of battery, and black to negative
  • Recognized or tested by one of NRTL (National Recognized Testing Laboratory) , for more information, please contact us


  • 100-240V AC input for worldwide use.
  • Temperature sensor: NTC R25 =10 K    B=3960
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 69 (2.7")X 91 (3.6") X 127.22 (4.9")
  • Weight: 1.0lb 3.0Oz (544 grams)
  • Specification

Operation Instruction

  • Connect battery pack to output connector and plug AC power source
  • Make sure battery polarity is connected correctly (Red wire is positive)
  • Attach temperature sensor to battery pack firmly
  • After it connect the correct battery pack, the red LED will be on, shows that it is charging.
  • After battery is fully charged, green LED will be on and it shows the battery fully charged.


  • Please don't use the charger for low capacity battery pack (<2000mah).. strongly suggestion to use Powerizer brand high drain rate battery pack. We are not responsible for any damage caused by charging other brand battery using this charger.
  • Please plug in AC power first, then connect the battery to the charger, otherwise, there is no output from the charger.
  • Please don't charge battery pack which is not 36V or 36V with capacity < 1800mAh.

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