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LiFePO4 Prismatic Battery: 12.8V 200Ah (2560Wh, 10C Rate) - UN38.3 Passed (3.2Vx4 DGR)

MSRP Price: $1,600.00
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Product ID # 6373
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Lead Time: 2 weeks

  • 12.8V 200Ah LiFePO4 rechargeable battery is made of 4 pcs LiFePO4 Prismatic Module: 3.2V 200 Ah in 4S configuration, Aluminum Panel 
  • This battery is packed as 4pcs 3.2V 200Ah single cells, you need to use the included nickel bars to connect them into 12.8V 200Ah.
  • Voltage: 12.8 V (working)   15.2 V (peak)  10.0 V ( cut-off)
  • 200Ah (2560Wh)
 Cycle life
  • > 1000 cycles (80% of initial capacity @ 0.2C rate, IEC Standard)
 Energy Density
  • 102.81Wh/kg 
  • Screw terminal, which may be varied based upon availability (Included Nickel Bar for DIY)
    • Version1: 5 x  Phillips terminal (See gallery picture#1 ,2)
    • Version2: 4 x 2.5mm & 1 x 4.0mm Hex screw Terminal (See gallery picture#3 ,4)
    • Include 2 pcs 
    • Optional for Hex Key 4.0mmHex key 2.5mm to remove Hex screw
     Charging rate
    • Standard charging current 1C rate (200A) 
    • Max charging current <3C (500A)  
     Max. Discharging Rate
    • Constant discharge current: 600A (3C rate)
    • Impulse discharge current (<10sec): 2000A (10C rate)  
     Dimensions (LxWxH)
    • 500mm(19.7") x 142 mm(5.5") x 259mm(10.1")   
    •  24.9 Kg (55.0 lbs )
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    • A Perfect 12.8V Battery module with 2000A Max drain rate for EV, HEV application 
    • You may build battery pack for higher voltage (by series connection) or higher capacity (by parallel connection) 
    • Burn-time =  2560Wh / motor's wattage
    • 12.8V LiFePO4 Prismatic battery pack shall be cut-off at 15.2V during charging and 10.0V during discharging.If over discharge to 10V (2.5V/cell), please recharge the pack right away. Otherwise the battery is over discharge and cannot recover!
    • Please click Knowledge on LiFePO4 battery to learn more detail 
    • International Customers: Due to the high shipping cost , we are sorry we do not issue warranty, return or refund for this item. You are buying at your own risk.
    Advantages to these cells compare to LFP-P200Ah
    • The Positive and negative terminals on these cells are placed on opposite ends of the cell. This make the current density more uniform within the cell to prevent current crowding near the terminals. This increases the performance and reduces the chance of premature aging due to hot spots within the battery. Not only does this result in lower internal resistance, but greater high current performance and superior cold weather performance.
    • Officially rated for 3.0C continuous discharge, lab testing has shown that these cells can deliver 100% of rated capacity when continually discharged at 4.5C (900A)
    • At -20°C (-4°F) these cells are capable of delivering 90% of their rated capacity (1.0C discharge)
    • Cells utilize a patented dual safety valve design which can safety with stand any abusive conditions. Tests have been done to confirm that these cells will not explode or catch fire during any of these tests. These include penetration with a steel rod ( a dead terminal short), crushing, short circuiting, dropping, over-charging, over-discharging and extremely high and low temperature storage.
    • Large terminal have 4 screws or rivets. This design reduces the possibility of a loose connection and eliminates the possibility of loose connection rotating compare to the one large screw on the LFP-P200AH (which is an earlier version battery)

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