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Category : Dual-Lite Batteries

Dual Lite 100BVC 12V 32Ah Dual Lite ML4S 6V 7Ah Dual-Lite 262 6V 4.5Ah 
Dual Lite 120727 6V 12Ah Dual Lite ML5 6V 7Ah Dual-Lite 2678 6V 4.5Ah 
Dual Lite 12-255 6V 4.5Ah Dual Lite ML512V 6V 7Ah Dual-Lite 2F12G1 6V 7Ah
Dual Lite 12294 6V 12Ah Dual Lite ML5S12V 6V 7Ah Dual-Lite 3901 6V 4.5Ah
Dual Lite 12-535 6V 8.2Ah  Dual Lite RLP 6V 4.5Ah Dual-Lite 3921 6V 4.5Ah
Dual Lite 12542 12V 20Ah Dual Lite SDG 6V 4.5Ah Dual-Lite 5207 4V 4.5Ah
Dual Lite 12-554 6V 12Ah Dual Lite SRG 6V 4.5Ah Dual-Lite 5298P 6V 4.5Ah
Dual Lite 12-561 6V 7Ah Dual Lite WEP 6V 4.5Ah  Dual-Lite 6117 6V 4.5Ah
Dual Lite 12561 6V 7Ah  Dual-Lite 100001 6V 7Ah  Dual-Lite 6D3W 6V 4.5Ah
Dual Lite 12-568 6V 12Ah Dual-Lite 1000010044 6V 7Ah Dual-Lite 6JSM3 4V 9Ah 
Dual Lite 12-582 12V 20Ah Dual-Lite 1000010113 6V 7Ah Dual-Lite 6KSM3 4V 9Ah 
Dual Lite 12582 12V 20Ah  Dual-Lite 100N67 6V 7Ah Dual-Lite 6KSM4 4V 9Ah
Dual Lite 12612 6V 12Ah Dual-Lite 117SP 4V 4.5Ah  Dual-Lite 6V110AH 6V 8.2Ah
Dual Lite 12621 12V 7Ah  Dual-Lite 120 6V 7Ah Dual-Lite 8301 6V 4.5Ah
Dual Lite 12-621 12V 7Ah  Dual-Lite 12294 6V 12Ah Dual-Lite 899953 6V 7Ah
Dual Lite 12631 6V 12Ah  Dual-Lite 12612 6V 12Ah Dual-Lite A74TN2 6V 12Ah
Dual Lite 12-631 6V 7Ah Dual-Lite 12JSM54 6V 12Ah Dual-Lite CA 6V 4.5Ah
Dual Lite 12-702 6V 42Ah Dual-Lite 12KSM4 6V 12Ah Dual-Lite DCE 6V 12Ah
Dual Lite 12727 6V 12Ah  Dual-Lite 12KSM6 12V 7Ah  Dual-Lite EP 6V 12Ah 
Dual Lite 12EDCX100BVC 12V 32Ah  Dual-Lite 12LC2002 12V 7Ah Dual-Lite GC690 6V 12Ah
Dual Lite 12EDX100BVC 12V 32Ah Dual-Lite 12LSM110 12V 7Ah  Dual-Lite LM1 6V 12Ah
Dual Lite 60631 6V 12Ah Dual-Lite 12LSM11001 12V 20Ah  Dual-Lite M1 12V 32Ah 
Dual Lite A74TN2 6V 12Ah Dual-Lite 12LSM162 12V 20Ah  Dual-Lite MB5338 4V 4.5Ah
Dual Lite DEDA 12V 32Ah Dual-Lite 12LSM220B 12V 20Ah  Dual-Lite MPS640SP 12V 32Ah
Dual Lite DL4 6V 7Ah Dual-Lite 12LSM4 4V 9Ah Dual-Lite P4C1 12V 32Ah
Dual Lite DL712V 12V 7Ah Dual-Lite 12LSM54 4V 9Ah Dual-Lite P4C2 6V 7Ah
Dual Lite DL7S12V 12V 7Ah Dual-Lite 12LSM6 4V 9Ah Dual-Lite Q4 4V 4.5Ah
Dual Lite EDRWWMPump 6V 4.5Ah Dual-Lite 12LSM7 4V 9Ah  Dual-Lite SL026117 6V 7Ah
Dual Lite EDS 6V 4.5Ah  Dual-Lite 12M1 4V 9Ah Dual-Lite SL2312 6V 7Ah
Dual Lite EPP 6V 4.5Ah Dual-Lite 12M4 4V 9Ah Dual-Lite SL23196 6V 7Ah 
Dual Lite ERS 6V 4.5Ah  Dual-Lite 12M4CS 4V 9Ah Dual-Lite SL2602 6V 7Ah 
Dual Lite EZ1A 6V 7Ah Dual-Lite 12M6 4V 9Ah Dual-Lite SL26117 6V 7Ah 
Dual Lite GMMEL 6V 7Ah Dual-Lite 12M6G 4V 9Ah Dual-Lite SL26117SP 6V 7Ah
Dual Lite ICL1 6V 4.5Ah Dual-Lite 12M7 4V 9Ah  Dual-Lite SL262 6V 7Ah 
Dual Lite LCX60 6V 7Ah Dual-Lite 12M8 4V 9Ah  Dual-Lite SL2678 6V 7Ah
Dual Lite ML1012V 12V 20Ah Dual-Lite 23196 4V 4.5Ah Dual-Lite TMF50TV2 6V 12Ah
Dual Lite ML212NY 6V 7Ah Dual-Lite 24M6G 4V 9Ah  Dual-Lite WP46 4V 4.5Ah
Dual Lite ML2CH 6V 7Ah Dual-Lite 24M8 4V 9Ah  Dual-Lite XP 4V 4.5Ah 
Dual Lite ML4 6V 7Ah Dual-Lite 2602 4V 4.5Ah Dual-Lite XSXPEL 4V 4.5Ah
Dual Lite ML4EI 6V 7Ah Dual-Lite 26117 6V 4.5Ah   
UN 38.3 Safety Test

We already set up our own UN38.3 testing lab. We can provide UN38.3 test service to our customer now.

If you want to set up your own lab, we also provide UN38.3 & IEC62133 equipments and onsite training. Email us for the quote and lead time.
Thermal Abuse Test for IEC62133
Lithium Battery Shipping Regulation
Show & Conference
The Battery Show 2014, Sept. 16-18, 2014, Novi, Michigan, Booth# B1544
Energy Mobility 2014, booth#126, Apr 29-30, 2014, San Diego, CA
Lithium Battery Power 2013, Nov 12-15, 2013, San Diego, CA
The Battery Show 2013, Sept. 17-19, 2013, Novi, Michigan
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An article about Nik Wallenda makes history crossing the Grand Canyon. He was carrying BSI 1080i mini POV cameras with LFH4S4R1WR battery build by us.

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