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Universal Smart Charger (18A, 1200W) for SLA , LFP, Li-Ion Battery Packs from 29.6V-51.8V-- CE listed

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High Quality Intelligent smart charger (Manufacture part#KP4818CL) designed for SLA (24V-48V), Li-Ion/LiMnNi (29.6V-51.8V, 8-14Cells), LifePO4 (38.4V-51.2V, 12-16Cells) Battery pack

NominalVoltage CV CC Transition Current
Lead Acid
Output Voltage
Lithium Ion
Output Voltage
Output Voltage
  Lead Acid Lithium
24V 29.4V 16.8V 29.2V 18A 7A 3.5A
36V 44.1V 29.4V 43.8V 18A 4A 2.0A
48V 58.8V 54.6V 58.4V 18A 3.6A 1.8A


  • Must select charging voltage correctly based on battery used below
    • Li-Ion / LiMnNi = 4.17V / cell
      • Ex. Charging voltage for 51.8V (14Cells) Li-Ion/LiMnNi = 4.17V x 14 = 58.38V
    • LiFePO4 = 3.55V / cell
      • Ex. Charging voltage for 51.2V (16Cells) LiFePO4 = 3.55V x 16 = 56.8V
    • SLA = 2.43V / cell
      • Ex. Charging voltage for 48V (24Cells) SLA = 2.43 x 24 = <58.32V (best to be lower as SLA is ideal at trickle charge)
Charging Stage CC (Constant Current) --> CV (Constant Voltage) --> Floating
AC Input Power 110VAC / 230VAC, 50~60Hz USA AC plug
Must select AC input voltage correctly before use
Charging Voltage 29.6-58.4VDC
Charging Current 18.0A+/- 0.5A
Max Power output 1200W
Battery pack Capacity >= 18Ah
Stylish Aluminium Enclosure Yes
Charging terminal
  • 4' long 8AWG wire 1.9" x 1.5" x 0.6" Standard Anderson connector  
    • Anderson plug dimension (LxWxH):1.9"(48.0mm) x 1.5"(38.0mm)  x 0.6" (15.0mm) 
    • Included 1 pc 1.9" x 1.5" x 0.6" Standard Anderson connector without wire for DIY use.
    • Tip: In order to match up the charger's connector,You may connect the battery pack charge terminal with Included 1 pcs 1.9" x 1.5" x 0.6" Standard Anderson connector. 
Dimension (LxWxH) 260mm(10.2") x 175mm(6.9") x 90(3.5")
Weight 11 lbs (4.99kg)
High Efficiency 85-95%
MTBF (Mean Time between Failure) 30,000 POH (Power on Hour) = 10 years of everyday operation of 8 hours
CE listed Yes
Operating Temperature 14F(-10'C) ~ 113F(45'C)


  • Switch-Mode Technology
    • Convert from AC input voltage to DC charging voltage 1677 times faster than traditional linear charger
    • Unit will be smaller, lighter and higher efficiency than traditional linear charger
  • Built in cooling fan to ensure charger long service life
  • Built in 2 unit of LED indicator
    • Power ON: LED 1 = Red 
    • Charging (Constant Current): LED 2 = Red 
    • Charging (Constant Voltage): LED 2 = Red  
    • Fully charger: LED 2 = Green
  • Cut-Off Automatically when the battery is fully charged
  • Safety protection 
    • Over Current & Over Voltage protection
    • Short Circuit protection
    • Reverse polarity protection
  • Charging time:
    •  Li-Ion / LiMnNi Charging time = (1.5 x Ah rate of the pack) /  charge current
    •  LiFePO4 Charging time = (1.41 x Ah rate of the pack) /  charge current.
    •  SLA Charging time = (1.2 x Ah rate of the pack) /  charge current

Operation Instruction: (please follow the instruction below to charge a battery pack)

  • Connect the AC power to charger (LED1 - Red)
  • Adjust the voltage to the max voltage you need for your pack (see above on cell peak charge voltage)
  • Connect the battery pack to the charge, the charger will start charging:
    • Note: you cannot measure the output voltage of the charge. The charge will apply the correct voltage once it sense the presence of the battery pack.
    • You must connect the battery pack to the charger within 5 minutes time frame. If not, the charger will not charge your pack
  • If the charger still does not charge your pack, disconnect the battery pack from charger, remove AC power and wait a min of 30 minutes to try the above process again! This is necessary to discharge the capacitor inside the charger.
  •  Please click here to download user manual


  • Must select AC input voltage correctly before plug to AC wall outlet 
  • Must connect to battery with correct polarity
  • Must use with battery pack capacity >= 18Ah
  • Charge only SLA (24V-48V), Li-Ion/LiMnNi (29.6V-51.8V, 8-14Cells), LifePO4 (38.4V-51.2V, 12-16Cells) Battery pack  
  • Must select charging voltage correctly based on battery type/battery pack voltage used
  • We are not responsible for any damage caused by misuse.
  • Professional & Indoor use only
  • Don't remove the case to prevent from electric shock
  • Unplug the charge from AC outlet after use.
  • Make sure the charge DIY wire will be acceptable for 15A Max charge current.Please click here to see American Wire Gauge table and AWG Electrical Current Load Limits
  • Wrong polarity will damage the charger, and Batteryspace are not responsible for the damage or losses caused by misusing 

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