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LiFePO4 Prismatic Battery and Charger Package: 36V, Choose from: 20Ah, 40Ah, 60Ah, or 100Ah

Your Price: From $540.00 to $2,115.50
Product ID: 6656. Lead Time: 5 Business Days!

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Important Shipping Regulation This pack is for testing (prototype) only. It has not been UN38.3 tested yet.  Read more...
  • 36V LiFePO4 Prismatic battery Package (12S configuration). Option packages are: (Select via drop down option menu)
    • 20Ah battery pack made by LFP-G20 cell + 5A charger
      • 5.64 hrs charge time
    • 40Ah battery pack made by LFP-G40 cell + 15A charger 
      • 2.7 hrs charge time
    • 60Ah battery pack made by LFP-G60 cell + 15A charger 
      • 4.0 hrs charge time
      • Due to the size of the whole pack, we will ship by 3 separate 12.8V modules, customer need to assembly
    • 100Ah battery pack made by LFP-G100 cell  + 15A charger
      • 6.7 hrs charge time
      • Due to the size of the whole pack, we will ship by 3 separate 12.8V modules, customer need to assembly
 Voltage   Voltage: 36~38.4 V (working)   45.6V (peak)  30.0 V ( cut-off)
 Capacity    Optional for 20Ah (768Wh)  / 40Ah (1536Wh) / 60Ah (2304Wh) / 100Ah (3840Wh)
 Cycle life   > 1000 cycles (80% of initial capacity @ 0.2C rate, IEC Standard)
  • 12 pcs LED balancing PCB (PCM-BL20CH for 20Ah, BMS-G40BL for 40Ah, 60Ah and 100Ah) is installed on each cell to maintain balance voltage after charging.
    Discharge Rate & Wire
      • 20Ah pack: 40A Constant rate, 200A CCA <10sec, 
        9" long 12 AWG  open end wire
      • 40Ah pack: 80A Constant rate, 400A CCA <10sec, 
        9" long 6 AWG  open end wire
      • 60Ah pack: 120A Constant rate, 600A CCA <10sec, 
        9" long 6 AWG  open end wire
      • 100Ah pack: 200A Constant rate, 1000A CCA <10sec, 
        9" long 6 AWG  open end wire
    • Charge / Discharge terminal : Red = Positive, Black = Negative   
    • You must change wire if your application's charge / discharge current is over 100A
    Charging rate
    • 20Ah pack: 20A Recommended, 60A Max
    • 40Ah pack: 40A Recommended, 120A Max
    • 60Ah pack: 60A Recommended, 180A Max
    • 100Ah pack: 100A Recommended, 300A Max
    Battery Dimension per each 12.8V module (LxWxH)
    • 20Ah pack: 178X76X165  mm or 7X3X6.5 in
    • 40Ah pack: 180X125x185 mm or 7.1X5X7.3 in
    • 60Ah pack: 280X125X185 mm or 11X5X7.3 in
    • 100Ah pack:280x140x243 mm or 11x5.5x9.6 in
    There are 3 modules in this package, the final dimension depends on how you organize those modules.
    Battery Dimension for 36V  module (LxWxH) as shown in picture
    • 20Ah pack: 178X228X195  mm or 7X12X7.7 in
    • 40Ah pack: 180X375x215 mm or 7.1X15X8.5 in
    • 60Ah pack: 280X375X215 mm or 11X15X8.5 in
    • 100Ah pack: 280X420X272 mm or 11X16.5X10.8 in
    Max Battery's Weight
    • 20Ah pack:  9.5kg (20.9 lbs)
    • 40Ah pack:  22.0kg (48.6 lbs)
    • 60Ah pack:  31.95kg (75.0 lbs)
    • 100Ah pack: 58.97kg (130.0 lbs)
    • For 36V application, like EV, HEV, ebike, motorcycle, Golf Cart, marine batteries 
    • You may build battery pack for higher voltage (series connection) or higher capacity (parallel connection) 
    • Burn-time = Battery's Wh rate / motor's wattage
    Smart Tip
    • To keep battery for longer cycle-life with the best balancing function , we recommend customer to charge battery while discharging.
    • 36V LiFePO4 Prismatic battery pack shall be cut-off at 45.6V during charging and 30.0V during discharging. If over discharge to 30V (2.5V/cell), please recharge the pack right away. Otherwise the battery is over discharge and cannot recover!
    • Please click Knowledge on LiFePO4 battery to learn more detail 
    • International Customers: Due to the high shipping cost , we are sorry we do not issue warranty, return or refund for this item. You are buying at your own risk.
    • Option 1 / Option 4

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    36v 20 AHr LiFePO4 battery pack
    James S (La Porte, TX) 7/25/2013 5:47 PM
    I recently received my order of 36v 20 AHr LiFePO4 battery pack and charger. Today, I have it assembled together with eBike and have a very nice two hour run and it's time to charge.
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