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Four Battery Analyzer: Computerized 8 Channels (6-3000mA, up to 5V) with Movable Rack + Laptop and Software

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Four pcs of BA8-5V3000MA are CE certified eight-channel battery testing machine for R&D all types of rechargeable batteries at 6mA - 3000mA up to 5V. This system provides most applications in battery testing fields such as electrode materials research, battery performance test, small-scale battery formation, capability grading, battery pack testing and etc.  

Included 1 pc of Movable Frame with Drawer for Grouping 8 Channels Battery Analyzer up to 9 Units - EQ-BA8C9 According to the international standard design, each channel of the system has an independent constant-current source and constant-voltage source which can be programmed and controlled by friendly GUI. In addition, an independent pulse source is added to each battery channel to meet the measurement of dynamic internal resistance of the battery.  

BA8-5V3000MA adopts module construction. With plug-and-play design, the user can freely remove and load the module units non-stop without interrupting other modules. This function is convenient for the system's maintenance.  Brand new laptop with installed Window 7 and software are included for immediate use.  

(Note: As new buyer, you must buy the laptop with analyzer to avoid trouble from software installation. The laptop bonded sale with the analyzer will cost $500 as a preferential price. If you would like to run multiple battery analyzers on one Laptop, you can just buy one analyzer with laptop and other analyzers without laptop with $500 discount. The laptop will cost 799$ if sold separately.)

  • Total shipping weight: 300LB
  • User Manual is available upon requested 


  • Each module provides 8 independent programmable channels.  With built-in power supply, and complete controllable circuit, each module can work independently. Each channel can set different working modes. Channels are completely independent.

  • Fine programming characteristic    The system software can set working steps and working parameters, working modes of each step flexibly. Working modes includes constant discharge current, constant charge current, constant charge voltage, rest, GOTO, (internal resistance measurement). Each working modes can set voltage, current, time, capability, negative voltage slope, and other limit conditions.  When the present limit conditions are met, the system will continue next working mode automatically. The set program can be saved and opened in the form of Schedule.

  • Complete controllability. The system software has GOTO, restart and resume functions which allow the user to change the working parameters at any time.

  • Windows-based software interface, Stable performance, and easy operation.  The system's software is easy to operate. With real-time monitoring windows and integrated graph/data windows, the testing process can be observed more directly and efficiently. During the test, the software will give timely instructions and warnings, provide intelligent help both in English and Chinese.

  • Powerful data and graph processing function. The software of BA8-5V3000MA Battery Testing System adopts standard SQL data-base management, and is compatible with Access, Excel. It features large data processing capacity. The user can define the curve coordinate himself such as voltage-time curve, current-time curve, capacity-voltage curve, loop times-charge/discharge capacity curve, loop times-charge/ discharge efficiency curve, etc.

  • Advanced and easy-to-use battery grading function. According to the battery's capacity, internal resistance and charge/discharge platform, the Neware Battery Testing System series can grade the batteries. After the user set the standards of separation, the system will analyze the test result data automatically, confirm the consistency indicators for the batteries under test and provide a test result report. At the same time, the LED on the channel will indicate the physical location of the batteries with the same grade.

  • Complete test process record (log function).  BA8-5V3000MA Battery Testing System series can make a complete record of all the events happened in the test. During the process of test, some accidental events such as power failure, system shut down, erroneous communication, erroneous operation and forced operation and so on will lead to sudden changes of the test data (sudden changes of the voltage or current). By checking the record, user can more easily find these external interferential causes.

  • Intelligent power failure protection. In the event of power failure in the process of test, the testing system will automatically shutdown preset running channels. And when the power failure has recovered, the system will automatically resume those stopped channels and ensure that the test is normally conducted and the date will never lose at any cases.

  • Specially made battery flips. BA8-5V3000MA Battery Testing System series provides many types of battery flips. The relative separation of the flips and the machine as well as the software and hardware self-protection of the system (over voltage, over current, etc) increase the safety of the system greatly and ensure the user's carefree test.
    General-purpose (4 leads) flips: This type is designed under the proposal of the experts and to meet the requirement of mass production. It is applicable to fix various types of cylinder and square batteries. This type is reliable, durable and easy to maintain.
    Flips for R&D use: This type can lead out all the charge/discharge electrodes and measuring electrodes by using alligator flips and facilitate the fixing of any type of abnormal-shaped batteries or battery groups.
    Li-polymer battery flips, with a constant temperature cabinet.
    Mobile phone battery flips

  • 4-electrode measuring.  All the battery fixtures have 4 electrodes, including 2 current ends and 2 voltage measuring ends. Multi-electrode measurement improves measuring accuracy.

  • Channel can input impedance up to 10 Mohm.  Any battery channel of BA8-5V3000MA Battery Testing System has up to 10 MOhm input impedance and its current leakage is less than 0.5 micron A. This feature ensures the reliability of the test result and provides good guarantee for the micro-current measurement.

  • High reliability.  Standard production follows the procedures of ISO9001;  Aging test on randomly selected samples prior to delivery of products;
    Independent protection circuit in every channel to prevent over current and over voltage;   Upper and lower dual software protection. 

  • Precision current:  Normally, the 1 system provides -3A - +3A current output range with 0.1% accuracy

  • Two Years Warranty

Standard Packing list

  • 4 pc 8 channels Battery Analyzer (For testing battery) 
  • 1 pc Laptop Computer & Software (Test-Control software 5.3 and Calibration are included in the disc )
  • 32 pc Alligator (For connecting battery )
  • 3 pc of Connector adapter (From RJ-45 plug to RJ-45 plug)
  • 1 pc of Connector adapter (From RJ-45 plug to female RS-232 plug)
  • 1 pc of Connector adaptor (From male RS-232 plug to USB plug) --- connect to laptop's USB Port
  • 1 pc of Movable Frame with Drawer for Grouping 8 Channels Battery Analyzer up to 9 Units - EQ-BA8C9


Input power

Optional for 110V AC or 220-240V (Select input power via "Input Power" menu) 

Current Range

+/-  6mA ~ 3000mA

Voltage measurement range


Input impedance

>= 10 m-ohm



Current measurement accuracy

+/- (0.2% of reading + 0.1% of range)

Voltage measurement accuracy

+/- (0.1% of reading + 0.05% of range)

Time measurement resolution


Cycle measurement range

1-9999 times

Data register conditions

Time interval: (5-900S)
Range of Voltage:  (5-5000mV)
Range of Current:  (6 -3000mA)


Eight Indepedence programmable channels, Each Channal can be set for working mode differently and independently


245mmW * 197mmD * 60mmH



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