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About CR123 batteries

20 CR123 BatteriesCR123 batteries are high quality Lithium coin cells that are equivalent or are a direct replacement for the CR17345, DL123A, K123A, EL123AP, VL123A, 5018LC and CR123A. These cells have a superior shelf life of up to 10 years with minimal capacity discharge over those years. In addition, it has a very high energy density and compared to alkalines, they last four times as long in high draining devices. The CR123 batteries are ideal for electronics like digital cameras, personal computers, and even memory backup for applications. They are approximately 16mm in diameter by 32mm in height and their capacity is 1100mAH. Give us the chance to show you our commitment to your satisfaction and let us provide you with the supplies you need.

Buy a CR123 battery

A CR123 battery is perfect for high drain electronic devices like digital cameras, personal computers, and memory back-up applications. Plus, they have an excellent shelf life of 10 years with a 0.5% capacity loss per year at room temperature. This is better than many other rechargeable cells. Furthermore, they provide a high energy density and quadruple the life span of regular alkalines. That is why we encourage you to purchase a CR123 battery for all of your electronics.

18650 Li-Ion battery information

Li-Ion Battery

An 18650 Li-Ion battery is one of the most powerful rechargeable batteries on the market today. It has a shelf life that is longer than any of the NiMH cells. Some other benefits of this cell include, lighter weight, higher energy capacity than any other rechargeable cell, and it has no memory effect. An 18650 Li-Ion battery is ideal for personal computers, laptops, and any other high drain portable devices. Users are strongly encouraged to obtain the proper charging and discharging knowledge for these power sources to prevent overcharging. Our extensive compilation of power sources should satisfy virtually anyone's needs. So browse through our assortment today and see the many options that we offer our customers.

Purchase a flashing battery

Have you been looking for a way to customize your cell phone and make it stand out? We have the solution for you. Get a flashing battery and add a burst of color and excitement to your phone. It is just like any other cell phone power source, only it has colorful, flashing lights that pulse when ringing. This is a great way to make your phone a unique device, while at the same time powering it for usage. What other accessory can do that? We have a variety of batteries for our customers to choose from for their Nokia or Nextel phones. Stay on top of the trends while giving your mobile device a powerful Lithium Ion flashing battery simultaneously. Our goal is supplying our clients with high quality products and ensuring great customer service. So give us a try today and you won't be disappointed.

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