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4 in 1 Intelligent Digital Balance Charger/Discharger for (NiMH/NiCD 1.2V-18V, Li-Ion 7.4V-22.2V, LFE 6.4V-19.2V, SLA 2V-20V) Battery pack- QUATTRO B6

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  • This item will NOT come with a AC-DC Power supply, please click here to order separately (efuel PSU-30A series).
  • Charge 4 batteries into one charger simultaneously, and it will intelligently and automatically charge all 4 of them at once to their maximum capacity.
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Touch Screen Color LCD Panel (Please click picture to view)
  • Excluded operation software
Charge / Discharge the 1.2V-18V NiMH/NiCD battery pack
  • Delta-peak sensitivity: Automatic termination program based on principle of the Delta-peak voltage detection.
    • For NiCd pack; Detect Minus delta V >= 12 mV/cell  
    • For NiMH pack For NiCd pack; Detect Minus delta V >= 7 mV/cell   
  • Automatic Charging current limit: Limit the charging current when charging NiMH/NiCd battery
  • 0.5C recommend charge rate for NiMH/NiCd pack
  • Capacity limit: Limit excessive capacity automatically by setting the maximum value.
  • Processing time limit (Safe timer Setting): limit the process time to avoid any possible defect
    • Safe timer calculation =  (Capacity mAh rate / charging current A rate) / 11.9
  • Charge terminal:two female 4.0mm female Banana plug (Black = Negative, Red = Positive)
    • Note: Excluded The temperature sensor connector. Please make sure the pack have a thermostat installed
Charge / Discharge the 7.4V-22.2V Li-Ion/Li-Ion Polymer, 6.4V-19.2V LiFePO4 pack Battery pack without PCB
  • Balance each cell voltage is or less than 30mV after fully charged  
  • Balance individual cell during discharging
    • Automatically Shut off after detect the voltage of abnormal cell indicated by ERROR message
  • Charge terminal:  4 socket of 7 JST male sockets installed in the charger for recharging from 1S to 6S Li-Ion/Li-Ion Polymer/LiFePO4 pack separately
    • 3 pins male JST socket for charging 2 cells (2S) pack (7.4V pack Li-Ion pack / 6.4V LiFePO4 pack)
    • 4 pins female JST socket for charging 3 cells (3S) pack (11.1V pack Li-Ion pack / 9.6V LiFePO4 pack)
    • 5 pins male JST socket for charging 4 cells (4S) pack  (14.8V pack Li-Ion pack / 12.8V LiFePO4 pack)
    • 6 pins male JST socket for charging 5 cells (5S) pack  (18.5V pack Li-Ion pack / 16.0V LiFePO4 pack)
    • 7 pins male JST socket for charging 6 cells (6S) pack  (22.2V pack Li-Ion pack / 19.2V LiFePO4 pack) 
  • Note: In order to use the smart balance charger, battery pack must be used with the charging terminal from individual cells as sample shown below:
  • For 7.4V(2S) pack's charging terminal, please click here to order 3 pin Female JST connector seperately.
  • For 11.1V(3S) pack's charging terminal, please click here to order 4 pin Female JST connector seperately.

Charge / Discharge the SLA Battery pack
  • Cyclic charge/discharging : 1 to 5 and continuous process of charge --> discharge / discharge --> charge for battery refreshing.  
  • Data storage (Store up to 5 packs in memory)
  • Note: You must connect the battery to charger's output terminal while perform charging


Accessories Included

  • Included one Alligator clips charging cable
  • Included one Standard female Tamiya charging cable
  • Included one 2 pin male Futaba RX charging cable
  • Included one 2 pin male BEC charging cable
  • Included one 18AWG wire charging cable
  • Included one Large alligator Clip for easy DIY
  • Included one 1 to 5 TP/FP Adaptor (from 6S pack to 2S ~ 6S pack)
  • Included one 1 to 5 XH Adaptor (from 6S pack to 2S ~ 6S pack)

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